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What is Microsoft SharePoint? – Basic Features of SharePoint

The need of the hour for organizations from around the world is a superior way to enhance their data management capabilities. They are looking for agile approaches to successfully incorporate winning strategies into end business results. The platform used to implement such strategies would have to come with superior usability, reliability, mobility, speed, effectiveness, and safety. One of the most powerful platforms to check all of these boxes is Microsoft’s SharePoint. It is an enterprise-level, web-based, collaborative business platform that works in conjunction with the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collection of multiple and powerful products, technologies, solutions, applications, and programs. It comes with the capabilities to provide multiple and meaningful solutions to several and complex use cases across the organization. 

Areas of Usage:

  • Document and multimedia management system
  • Enterprise-level social networking
  • Reporting and project management tool
  • Electronic data capture and processing
  • Learning and development tool
  • Task management and calendar 
  • Team collaboration

Features of SharePoint:

SharePoint uses SharePoint On-Premises, and hybrid scenarios to provide an improved user experience to all the businesses using the platform. Some of the basic features of SharePoint are listed below:


Create a custom homepage for your organization with SharePoint to give your team a modern experience with intuitive UI and UX. You can identify and follow all of your organization’s sites and get news from them.  You can create, manage and modify the sites from the home page. 

Team sites 

SharePoint’s team sites are designed to give an ultra-modern experience and interface to your teams with modern news, quick links, and site activity. All of these are optimized for mobile and come with faster site provisioning, in-line editing of the quick start menu among many others that make team sites more collaborative. 

Communication sites 

Communication sites are similar to publishing sites. They use modern pages and do not impose the burden of creating subsites. You can easily create beautiful and mobile-optimized web pages with a low-code or no-code experience. Similar to team sites, you can share news, events, showcase products, team, or events, and create your own design based on your requirements. 

Lists and libraries 

SharePoint is all about providing an interactive and intuitive experience.  Your team can easily create, upload folders, copy and move files, pin documents, add files as links and do so much more. You can also create custom views, change file info, access previews, and additional details of files, format columns, and add rich location data among others. 

Web parts

The look and feel of web parts have been updated with the latest editions or SharePoint. It is now easy to resize, move, and design custom web parts to make your team’s user experience reflect your brand’s identity. 


The search feature of SharePoint is extremely fast and responsive to every character you type. In fact, you can see the results of your search term the moment you type the letters in the search box and it becomes highly contextual to update the results, as you type in the search box. The search results are grouped by type and SharePoint start page, hub sites, communication sites, and modern team sites provide a modern search experience to users. 

Hybrid experience

Sharepoint and Office 365 allow your team to benefit from both platforms and gives your team a hybrid experience. 

The Future and Scope of SharePoint:

SharePoint takes file sharing and collaboration to a whole other level on any device. It is content management, a collaborative, and extensible platform that can drastically increase the productivity of your team. The scope and utility of SharePoint are encouraging and promising, and the business reflection for the platform is a reflection of the same. SharePoint is built on ASP.NET, WCF, & .net and allows professionals from a wide background to benefit from its features.

Final Verdict:

SharePoint can be easily accessed regardless of the time, place, and device. SharePoint is a platform that enables and empowers people to transform the way they work.  It ensures that the existing IT investments, structured processes, and compliance are taken enough care of.

SharePoint implementation provides a modern experience and an integrated platform, collaborative environment, and procedures that meet the needs of the businesses. SharePoint helps people and businesses to optimize the way they do their work and enables them to improve their agility, innovativeness, and growth.

Author Bio:

Rajesh K, Senior Solutions Architect at Veelead Solutions. Loves to create custom collaborative solutions for companies of varying sizes belonging to several industries. 15 years of technical experience with Microsoft products and leading a team of developers and architects who specialize in creating custom software products.


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