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How To Secure Your Wireless Network In Edimax Wireless Router?

The Edimax wireless router is a next-generation wifi router that provides dual-band connectivity with 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency. It delivers speeds up to 300MBps for 2.4GHz and 860MBps for 5GHz, therefore suitable for fast data transfer. It has 4 LAN ports indicated by a yellow color, one WAN port in blue color, one USB port, and a reset or WPS button on its back. The two inbuilt antennas boost the speed and enhance network coverage at every corner of your home and workplace by penetrating through the walls. It is a 5 in 1 device, as it has a mode selector option. Just select the model according to needs and it works as a router, range extender, wireless bridge, access point, and WISP. The multi SSID feature allows users to set up auto ten different SSIDs to control the users as per their needs.

The Edimax BR-6478AC V2 router setup is simple and is accomplished by using a web interface. A separate guest network with parental control can be created for the privacy and security of your connection. High-end gaming and high-resolution video streaming task can be done without any buffering.

Tips To Secure Your Wireless Network In Edimax Wireless Router

Login with Browser

Established a connection between the computer and router by ethernet cable or wirelessly. Open any browser on your computer and type the IP address of the Edimax router. The default Ip address for an Edimax router is and search for it. Hit the enter button and you will be redirected to a popup page with Windows Security. The popup includes two blank rows for the username and password. Enter the login details and tick mark the Remember my credentials if you want to save the details. After clicking the OK button, click on the 2.4GHz Wireless and then the Basic option.

Configure Basic Settings

A page with basic settings will open. There is wireless security under the basic settings. Four rows are available on it. Change the first one with the WPA pre-shared key. Choose WPA2 from the second and enter the security key in the Pre-shared key section. These all steps are applicable for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Click on the save settings option available at the bottom of the page. The router will starts rebooting when you click on the click here to restart. One minute timer will be shown and wait for it. Now the smartphone or wireless adapter will be able to connect with the router.
Next, we gonna explain the key features of this router.

Key Features Of Edimax Wireless Router

As it is an advanced router, it comes with many great features. Some are as follows.

Dual Antennas

The inbuilt dual antenna on the backside of the router extends the router coverage over a wide area and at every corner of your home and workplace.

Additional Ports

Five ports are available on its back which provides a very fast and stable data transfer speed.
Multiple devices can be connected at the same time using these Gigabit ports.

Separate Network

A separate network with parental control can be created for network privacy and security. It protects your system from unusual malicious activities.

Quick and Easy Setup

The Edimax setup is very simple and can be done easily using a web interface by logging into the Browser.

Various Modes

As this device has a mode selector option, so it can work as a router, wifi extender, access point, WISP, and air bridge.

Compatible and Reliable

It is compatible with almost all 802.11 a, n, g, or b standard devices. A two-year warranty and 24*7 customer support make it reliable.

Final Words

I have been using this product for the last 12 months, all looks good. I had been thinking to purchase this product as it can works as an extender too, it saves additional cost for my office. The mode selector option will enable me to choose any mode as per my requirements. High-end gaming and HD video streaming boost the experience. A virtual guest network will provide privacy and security to the network connection. However, its small range capacity will be a disadvantage for many users. Overall, a very good product in this affordable price range. I recommend all the buyers to go for this product.


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