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Why Invest in Used Office Furniture?

Business owners need to save money where possible. When the time comes to replace office furniture, many individuals head to a local store to purchase these items. Consider purchasing used rather than new to save money. With the right dealer, a person can get outstanding furniture at an affordable price, and nobody will know they purchased it used. What benefits come with purchasing used furnishings?

Save Money: A business owner might find they save 50 percent or more when purchasing used office furniture near me. Most offerings today have little wear and tear because businesses update these items every few years. This means visitors to the office and even employees won’t know the items aren’t brand new. The office gets an updated look while the owner keeps money in their pocket for other expenses.

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Eliminate Depreciation Concerns: Furthermore, depreciation becomes less of a concern when a business buys used furnishings. Experts state new furnishings lose 25 percent of their value in the first five years. Allow someone else to take this loss and benefit from it when purchasing used. The second owner can purchase the furnishings at a discount and resell them in a few years, making a decent return when doing so.

Time Savings: Purchase new office furniture and you may find it will take weeks to have the items delivered. Used furniture stores, however, can often deliver the furnishings in a matter of days. This ensures there is minimal disruption to the office as the changeover takes place. This transformation may even take place over a weekend, which means there is no interruption of regular operations.

Environmentally Friendly: Buying used helps protect the environment. As these pieces have plenty of life left in them, they shouldn’t go to the landfill. Buying used means they won’t, and you’ll reduce the carbon footprint of your business. Many customers will appreciate this when you share with them you purchased the items secondhand. They will feel more confident purchasing from a company that has their best interests at heart.

Better Quality: A business owner might find they can invest in quality pieces and have them refinished to complement the décor of the office. Although this will cost more than buying used pieces and leaving them as is, the owner may still find they save money by going this route. Having the pieces refinished will add to the cost, but the price tag when this work is done will usually be less than or equal to what one would pay for new furnishings of lower or similar quality.

Improved Employee Performance: Employees won’t get as much work done when they are uncomfortable. Update the office furnishings with ergonomic pieces and better lighting. Doing so will boost productivity. Employees won’t be as stressed, and the entire work environment will improve.

Don’t overlook used furniture when you want to update your office. Many people find they get gently used items at great prices and their office looks great when the pieces are in place. They give employees a mental boost and brighten up the office, which clients will notice. Learn more about used office furnishings today to see if they are right for your needs.


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