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Why Your Pharmacy Needs Automated Packaging Machines

Pharmacy automation improves wait times and gives patrons their prescriptions in record time. Automated prescription packaging machines are the next great solution for filling prescriptions and generating more profits. Reviewing the benefits of the new pharmacy equipment shows why pharmacy owners should give them a try.

Reducing Staffing Needs

Automated packaging machines sort out medications according to the current order. The machines fill the bottles based on the number of pills or volume of liquid requested. Once the medication is in the bottle, it is sealed, and a label is printed and affixed to the bottle. With the machines, the pharmacy doesn’t need a large number of workers to dispense the medications. Pharmacies can learn more about Medication Packaging Machines by contacting a vendor.

Automated packaging

Increase Foot Traffic

Automated packaging increases foot traffic in the pharmacy since the shoppers get their medications faster. Customers are happier when there aren’t delays, and they can drop by the pharmacy to get their medication and leave quickly. The convenient services make visitors feel more appreciated, and it gives the impression that the pharmacy knows their customers’ time is valuable. By driving more patrons into the pharmacy, the possibility of these clients sticking around to shop increases.

Enhanced Safety for Patients

Human error leads to the distribution of the wrong medications and serious risks to clients, and automated packaging machines won’t make these mistakes. Pharmacies become defendants in medical malpractice cases if their workers dispense the incorrect prescription drugs and a customer sustains an injury. Automation stops human error when dispensing and ensures that each customer receives the appropriate medication, dosage, and quantity.

Easier Scalability for the Pharmacy

As the pharmacy grows, the owner adds more packaging machines and kiosks to serve the patients. The pharmacy fills prescriptions faster and gets the medication to patrons in the store and in the drive-through. Multiple packaging machines give the visitors more options whether they choose a kiosk or visit the pharmacy window. A busy pharmacy accommodates a higher volume of patrons with several packaging machines and increases their profits.

Prevents the Spread of Germs

In the COVID era, all pharmacies are taking more precautions to protect patients and prevent the spread of germs and the COVID virus. The hands-free element of the packaging machines lowers exposure to viruses, and workers never touch the medication with their hands. The machines fill the prescription and place the bottles inside pharmacy bags. The customer is the only person who touches the bottles or the medication. Preventing exposure to contaminants keeps visitors safe and germs at bay.

Verification of the Prescription Information

Doctors either call in prescriptions or give the patient a written prescription. As the pharmacist enters the information, the IT system uses prompts and alerts to verify and confirm the information. These steps reduce errors and ensure that everyone receives the right prescription.

Pharmacies increase profits and give patrons a better overall experience when automation is employed. Prescription packaging machines are the best solution for fast-paced pharmacies that serve a high volume of customers each day. The machines dispense the medication according to the details the pharmacist enters into the IT system. The software uses alerts and prompts to verify and confirm all information to prevent critical errors that cause patient injuries. To find out more about the automation equipment, contact a vendor now.


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