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Festive Wear Saree For Girls

A saree can be considered to be an iconic item; however, styles of sarees are always changing. Sarees go back centuries and can be found in various fabrics like silk, chiffon, and cotton to mention some. Although the stunning garment is an essential piece of clothing for everyone Desi fashionistas, the designs and silhouettes that are a part of the saree change.

For 2022, are likely to see saree trends such as semi-stitching and colour-blocking. Many people are planning to buy a saree, or a set in their new year’s resolutions.

Modern saree styles

Pleats are the folds in a saree’s fabric that are tucked the front to the navel.

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This model of a saree features self-running folds in the ‘pallu’. This creates a look that is modern and exciting.

Pleated sarees have also the ability to be elegant and polished. The satin sarees and patterns are reminiscent of a stunning gown or dress, giving it a unique look.

The gorgeously online saree UK patterned pallu could be worn around the waist using elastic belt. Or allow it to hang loose and be flaunted.

Pleated sarees are the best choice for those who wish to skip the headache of arranging curtains and pleats. With a sleek design, we’re hoping to see lots more pleated sarees trend by 2022.

Traditional style saree

Indigo dyeing is a traditional craft that’s slowly gaining popularity in the Indian handlooms sector.

A natural agent for dyeing gives the fabric with a vibrant blue hue the fabric after being applied. Indigo sarees typically are composed of cotton, a material which is perfect for summer months.

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Saree designs for work

These sarees are great for anyone who wants to step out from their normal routine and put on a saree for work.

The subtle elegance of the indigo saree conveys professionalism and is suitable for any workplace.

Block print Saree

Color blocking is currently trending in fashion circles and it appears that the sarees will be embracing the trend of colour blocking in 2022 too.

The color block trend is gaining popularity and not only in relation to traditional Indian clothing.

The color block trend has been seen in Western clothing, footwear and even bags. The unique, striking and attractive colour combinations look more stunning when worn with the dress.

A saree is an interesting canvas for the trend of colour blocking. It also gives women the opportunity for mixing and matching blouses and sarees that they already own and create a unique colour block sarees of their own.

The color blocking trend may result in fashion-conscious people making more environmentally sustainable decisions. This is why this trend is perfect for 2022.

Silk printed saree

Ajrak prints are stunning, geometrical and floral hand-made block prints printed on modal silk. It is soft, shiny, and shiny fabric. It will be a must-have item in your saree collection in 2022. Ajrak sarees are printed artistically and designed with Indian aesthetics in the mind.

An ajrak saree can be as if you are wearing an art work that is hand-crafted. The saree is now popular in various parts of Gujarat in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in India. This traditional attire will take the lead in the fashions of sarees in 2022.


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