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The Side effects of RO and their optimum solution

To purify water at your home reverse osmosis or RO is a perfect solution. The reason being a RO system goes on to provide a comprehensive solution in order to remove harmful impurities that are present in water so that you along with your family members are known to become healthy. With the levels of water contamination in a country like India, the need for a RO system has gone on to increase in significance. If you are planning to install a RO system for your home you can get in touch with aquafresh RO purifier. They are going to provide you vital inputs on the side effects and pointers to keep in mind while installing a RO system.

The advocates of RO system are of the opinion that this is a form of water purification system that might be suitable for a couple of reasons

  • A RO system is going to remove all the essential minerals from water
  • A RO system is going to decrease the PH level of water

Before we precede ahead let us analyse both these points in details

A RO purification system goes on to remove all the essential minerals that are present in water

A well- known fact is a RO system goes on to remove the harmful impurities and powerful microorganisms in the form of lead or mercury. In the meantime it goes on to remove some essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. The reason being that the size of the molecule is pretty large when you compare it to the RO membrane as it only paves way for water molecules to pass through it.

For this reason a lot of people are of the opinion that since RO system goes on to remove the essential minerals that are present in water, so they are not ideal for your home. No denying the fact that minerals like calcium and magnesium are important for your body and the RO system goes on to remove them during the process of purification. You need to take into consideration that there is no better method that RO purification. So you can continue relying on the use of a RO system without having to worry a lot about harmful impacts of de centralized water. There is another point to consider in the use of RO water purifier.

The system of RO reduces the PH level of water

The moment water passes through a semi permeable membrane many constituents or even gases fail to pass through the RO membrane. Because of this water has a positive level of H + ion and for this reason it become acidic. More the amount of carbon dioxide in water, lower appears to be the PH level.

In the midst of this the body does go on to do a great job of maintaining a neutral PH 7.4 at all times. The moment you drink acidic water the levels of acidity are lost the moment it goes on to come in contact with saliva in your mouth and even the food in your stomach. In case if you are trying to lose weight then it suggested that you should stop consumption of sugary drinks. To maintain a proper balance in your diet a suggestion is to drink alkaline water.

The minimum amount of minerals or even TDS that is present in drinking water?

Countries like India have gone on to specify the levels of acceptable and unacceptable levels of organic and inorganic waste in water. But very little research has been done on what is the acceptable level of TDS in water. The presence of minerals along with other ingredients have stemmed on from generations and that is clearly mentioned in the Vedas

Not only in relation to the TDS levels, the amount of calcium present in water has to be around 30 Mg/l. Whereas in countries like Slovakia they have gone on to specify the minimum levels of magnesium that is needed in water.

Is there a need to stop using RO water purifiers?

The above discussion might cause a sense of panic in you and a though might emerge that you should stop using water purifier.

No way this ceases to the right solution as the moment you go on to stop using RO water purifier you present yourself a major risk by succumbing to the nuance of micro -organisms and impurities present in water. This is for the simple reason that no other form of water purification system is as effective as the RO system.

The only solution lies in removing the loopholes associated with RO technology by the use of effective technology. This could be in the form of a technology that re mineralizes or goes on to add back the essential minerals in the form of de centralized water.

Once you are planning to purchase a RO water purifier you need to opt for one with a TDs controller feature. The reason being that if the level of TDS is below 900 ppm as RO water purifiers in any case go on to remove 99 % of TDS that are present in water. The top brands in the business go on to provide a TDS controller

In addition calcium and magnesium are needed by the body in proper amounts. You can substitute these minerals by various forms of food. These foods are needed to ensure proper balance in your body.


Finally till now all the views whether RO water purification system is the best or even it is good for your health points that RO is the best form of water purification system and even it is good for your health. In case if you end up following the simple things above then there should be no worries when you are using a water purification system.

With RO water purifier system not only you can gain access to quality drinking water but provides you with complete peace of mind meaning that you only with your family members do not have to worry about pure drinking water.


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