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All You Need To Know About Problem Statement

The problem statement is also known as the situation or project brief in a business setting. The problem statement is an issue that is yet to be resolved. The analyst’s goal is to resolve the issue by providing a solution.

Problem Statements are a popular tool used in project management to define what we’re solving. It gives your team focus and direction. How do you write it?

Read on!

What Is A Problem Statement?

A problem statement is a short, precise description of the business problem you are trying to solve. It should be no more than one sentence and no less than 15 words.

Problem statements are used to identify the most crucial business problems to solve and as a foundation for creating more detailed requirements.

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The goal of writing a problem statement is to describe the current state of affairs so that everyone involved in the project will agree on what problem it is trying to solve.

The problem statement should answer these questions:

What’s wrong? Is the problem high cost or low quality? What type of customer? Who has this problem? Is it only existing customers or potential customers? What kind of solution do we need? Are we looking for a new product or service or improvement on an existing one?

What Are The Key Elements Of A Problem Statement?

There are many different ways to write a problem statement. No matter what the format, however, it should always include the following elements:

The Problem. The statement should identify and describe the problem you’re trying to solve.

The Solution. This is where you provide some detail about how your product or service will solve the identified problem.

The Customer. Whom do you expect to buy your product? What is their role? What is their job title? How much money do they make? What are their career goals?

The Competition. Who else is solving this problem already? How do they solve it? How will yours be different (and better)?

Market Size and Growth Rate. How big is this market? Who else wants a solution like yours? Are there enough people who wish to have one right now?

How Do I Write A Good Problem Statement?

Writing a good problem statement can be difficult. It’s one of those things that sounds simple on the surface, but it’s not.

Step 1. Define The Context

Your problem statement should begin with an explanation of the context or situation. For example, you might say something like, “For many years, most people have been using instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to communicate with their friends and family.”

Step 2. State Why The Problem Matters

Next, you should explain why this problem matters to your target audience. This is typically done by giving examples or anecdotes demonstrating how people are affected by the problem.

For example, you might say something like, “Many people have been using instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to communicate with their friends and family because these services are free.”

Step 3. State The Financial Cost

You also need to include a financial cost statement in your problem statement that explains how much money would be saved by addressing this issue. It is essential if you’re pitching a solution for a business-related problem because businesses care about saving money above everything else.

For example, suppose you were pitching an app that made it easier for companies to manage their staff schedules and payroll costs.

In that case, you might say something like, “Companies will save thousands of dollars per year by using my app because they won’t have to hire as many employees or pay them overtime.

Step 4. Back-Up Your Claims

In this step, you’ll want to support your claim with evidence. You can do this by using statistics, quotes, or research data that supports the claim. The more facts you have to keep your claim, the better.

Step 5. Offer A Solution

You should also state how you plan to solve the problem in this step. It is essential because it shows that you’re not just pointing out the problem but also having a solution. It can include suggestions on fixing the issue or ideas on preventing similar issues from happening again.

Step 6. Summarize The Problem And Solution

This step is where you’ll summarize what you’ve already said and mention what needs to be done next for things to improve. It will help structure your paper and make it easier for people to follow along as they read through it.

Problem Statement Examples In Business

 Problem statement examples in business communicate the problem or issues that a company is experiencing or needs to resolve.

It is a way of identifying a company’s issues and needs and helps them find solutions. Problem statements can be used as an effective way to lead an organization towards success.

A problem statement example may look like this: “Our company has no clear direction for the future. We are struggling to make decisions that will help us grow and be profitable.” 

The problem statement states that the organization has no clear direction on future goals because they struggle to make decisions. The solution offered could be to create a strategic plan that lays out the company’s future goals and objectives, thereby using it as a guide for making decisions while moving forward.

Wrapping Up

Before you can fix a problem, you have to know what it is!

So take some time and write a structured problem-solving statement for your design challenge.

Remember that problem statements are naturally imperfect, so don’t be afraid to edit and revise as you create them. Just make sure they answer the who, what, why, when, where, and how with enough detail to enable all stakeholders to understand its impact on your project. You can even give it a try for a problem-solving skill app.

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