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Benefits and Scope of SketchUp Training in Dubai

SketchUp training in Dubai is today one of the reference applications for 3D modeling. I am talking here about very special software, which combines simplicity and great intuitiveness. This is also the reason why it quickly became one of the most requested and appreciated.

This software certainly helps in 3D modeling, thus allowing professionals, as well as enthusiasts, to create digital designs, both three-dimensional and two-dimensional. It is extremely easy to use. This represents an obvious strength because with just a few clicks you can already discover its full potential. That’s why professionals, who work with graphics, or with 3D modeling, should use it immediately.

SketchUp training in Dubai is used for a wide variety of 3D modeling projects in architecture, interior design, landscaping, and video game design, to name a few. The program includes drawing layout capabilities, surface rendering, and support for third-party plug-ins.

With its 3D library and well-defined tools, the software responds perfectly to many uses. With it, you can easily create different shapes and volumes. Like the physical model, still used in architecture, 3D modeling makes it possible to move forward in no time with incomparable precision. He does it, moreover, with materiality and spatiality that no 2D software would allow. Very practical, this architecture software supports professionals in the development of their projects at all possible scales.

Presentation of the SketchUp training:

The best Sketchup training in Dubai at the moment is designed and delivered by Learnovate, a professional 3D modeler. This experienced artist works to create 3D models of incredible complexity. Its customers include large companies such as RATP, Orange, CETELEM, and Leroy Merlin. Apart from that, this talented infographer also collaborates with museums, filmmakers, and comic book creators.

The designer of this training has already trained hundreds of professionals from a variety of sectors. He has intervened in design schools, architecture schools, as well as film schools. Thousands of people have also registered for the online courses provided by Learnovate.

This SketchUp training in Dubai is made for people who operate in sectors such as:

  • architecture
  • interior design
  • decoration
  • town planning
  • cabinetmaking
  • scenography
  • landscaping
  • civil engineering
  • industrial design
  • video game design
  • movie theater

In this SketchUp training in Dubai, you will learn a 3D modeling program designed to create impressive environments. This training is aimed at designers who want or need to get started in three-dimensional modeling.


Good quality materials: Some users really appreciated the training because of the depth of the subject, the high quality of the teaching, and the training materials. The instructor really knew his stuff!

Ease of use: opening an account is very simple, you just need to add your name, and email and create a password. The design and layout of its platform are easy to navigate thanks to its minimalist design. My favorite part is the professionalism of the site.

24/7 availability: lessons are 100%. You can access it from a desktop computer, a laptop, or via a smartphone (for Android and iOS).

Informative course: In the opinion of one participant, this was an interesting and instructive course. It was really well-paced and presented videos from true professionals.

Interesting course: The course is interesting and insightful. This is one of the best Sketchup courses. Thanks to this course, some participants were able to know the steps to follow to create quality graphics and to solve problems related to the use of Sketchup.

Very professional staff: the teacher and the secretariat are available for any type of clarification and respond to any type of need. The teacher is also very knowledgeable.

Clear and comprehensive documents: One listener said the documents were simple and well explained.

Very flexible training: it follows you 360 degrees throughout the course, responds very quickly by listening to your every need, offers great flexibility and a respectable training package, with a high-end teacher who loves to transmit the skills acquired over the years of experience in the field.

Trainer available and accessible: the teacher is very good and engaging. He makes the lessons active and practical. The concepts are clear and full of very useful practical examples.


A single trainer: Learnovate Training Center is friendly, but he is the only one to take care of the students. With the growing number of students enrolling, there may be a problem with tracking.


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