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What is the Value of an MBA Degree from IGNOU?

Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the highly reputed educational institutions in the country that offers various programs under distance and online modes. The degrees, diplomas and certificates are completely valid in all the govt and private institutions of the country. Students in large numbers are taking considering IGNOU admissions for management programs apart from other degrees and diplomas. The university provides equivalent degree value just as regular MBA programs from regular colleges. As per the new notification of the University Grants Commission, the varsity is focusing on delivering the best in quality educational services in all the fields and management courses are no exception. 

Since the inception of the university in 1985, the varsity is providing best in class education culture in distance and online mode. The MBA is provided herein with various specializations. The complete fee structure of the program is very affordable as a middle-class student can easily pay the same in four different semesters. 

Here, in this blog, we will provide you with some necessary facts that will let you know the value of an MBA program after completing the same from IGNOU. 

Approvals of MBA IGNOU

The management program at the PG level is provided to various working professionals and new BBA graduates in order to equip them for various career opportunities of the future. The course provides a high standard of management degrees to the students so that they can easily start their careers as per the specialization and skills learnt at the PG level. 

The MBA degree from IGNOU has got various approvals from educational accessing and quality testing organizations. Some of them are provided below. 

IGNOU MBA degrees are completely valid as it provides highly acclaimed and UGC approved courses. IGNOU MBA has got various accreditations and approvals from:

  • DEB
  • NAAC 
  • Education Ministry of the Govt of India

The Degree of IGNOU MBA is Valid Outside India

IGNOU degrees are completely considered valued just like other courses and programs of other universities. The reason behind it is that the university has secured a unique place in the world for becoming one of the largest distance and open universities in the country. 

A candidate can easily pursue higher education or do any type of job after completing the course at the Indira Gandhi National Open University. The university provides appropriate training to the students with valid projects and assignments to every student who has got admission to the MBA degree program. With the degree of MBA, candidates can easily hold any type of business and managerial position in any organization inside and outside the country because IGNOU is globally accepted and tied up with reputed institutions and varsities.

IGNOU MBA Vs Traditional MBA Degree 

On the one hand where you have to take regular classes and must need to be present during lectures in the traditional mode of MBA degrees. On the other hand, IGNOU provides various types of flexibilities to the student like students can easily take classes virtually or on weekends. It provides a perfect opportunity for the candidates to pursue other courses and jobs side by side. In this way, we can say that candidates can create a balance between their professional life and studies. 

Regular colleges force students to attend all the classes as per their attendance norms in order to get good marks in final examinations. They don’t provide flexibility to the students. If you don’t have enough time to pursue regular classes or you want to make a perfect balance between your studies and professional life, then you should choose IGNOU MBA. There are many reasons behind the same. 

  • IGNOU MBA is available at low cost fee
  • The MBA is delivered through dedicated and highly professional teachers and professors. 
  • The flexible education is provided through IGNOU in the MBA programme

Strong Alumni Networks

IGNOU provide one of the best places to study and to connect with millions of alumni working in various positions. During your MBA course of study, you will get to know many people in academics and corporate professionals that will enhance your understanding of how to work in a competitive environment and to work hard to reach the zenith of a particular position. With an IGNOU MBA, you can easily accelerate in any top-level position. There are many social connectivity applications through which you can easily grab the opportunity to connect with your peers, teachers and other business people. It is very beneficial because these people will become corporate heads in the future and may help you in finding more suitable jobs as per your education and skills. 

IGNOU has produced many notable alumni like Arun Jaitley, Celina Jaitley, Ashok Khemka, Deepika Padukone, etc. 

The varsity has provided a brilliant program of management to nurture the students and working professionals in a very beneficial and fruitful manner. 

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