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99 Math Review

99math, established in 2018, is an Estonian company that creates multiplayer math games for students. Their educational products can be found both inside classrooms and at home, providing interactive learning and competitive skills development opportunities for interactive learning and competitive play. Furthermore, their detailed analytics help educators to assess student strengths and weaknesses more easily.

Gamification makes the experience more engaging for students and allows them to compete against students around the globe. This encourages genuine interest in mathematics while honing problem-solving abilities of those involved.

Game-based learning

99math is an online, game-based learning platform designed to aid students with their math studies. Students compete against classmates in multiplayer games and receive rewards based on their performance – these games cover everything from arithmetic, algebra and geometry!

99 Math’s platform allows teachers to monitor student progress with detailed analytics and reports, helping teachers identify areas in which students require improvement and develop these skills further. 99 Math also takes data security very seriously and adheres to relevant privacy regulations.

Gamifying mathematics allows students to enjoy practicing their skills and stay engaged with learning, as well as motivating them to work hard and improve their performance. This approach offers several distinct advantages over traditional math education which often fails to capture the interest and motivation of its pupils. Furthermore, it saves teachers time by eliminating the need to create and grade assignments – meaning educators can spend more time teaching and providing support to their pupils.

Real-time interaction

Traditional mathematics education often fails to engage and motivate students, while 99math’s innovative gamification features transform mathematics learning into an engaging and enjoyable experience. Real-time engagement among students promotes collaboration while critical thinking skills develop further as students gain a better grasp on mathematical concepts.

This platform uses adaptive learning algorithms to match each student’s skill level with the difficulty of their challenges, to ensure they remain engaging for them and not become bored or frustrated by them. This results in significant confidence boost for them while encouraging them to embrace challenges and learn from failures – an innovative tool with great potential to revolutionize how mathematics is taught and learned!

Variety of question types

99math provides students with a broad understanding of math by exploring all branches. Furthermore, its unique curriculum can accommodate students based on their strengths and interests. Plus educators can customize each topic before previewing questions that will appear on students’ devices.

Educators can also leverage 99math for detailed analytics and reports about student performance, which will allow them to identify problem areas and direct resources where it’s most needed. Furthermore, educators can use 99math to monitor progress as well as predict readiness for new units or lessons.

99math is an innovative tool for teaching mathematics, featuring cutting-edge features that are revolutionizing education and encouraging a different way of learning. This article will highlight some of its standout features and benefits; making it suitable for both teachers and students, easy to access on any device, and with no installation needed – making 99math an indispensable learning platform!


99math provides educators with detailed analyses and reports on student performance, enabling them to identify areas where students require extra support while simultaneously improving teaching strategies effectively. Students benefit from practice opportunities that build confidence in their math abilities.

Teachers can utilize 99math to foster healthy competition among their students and motivate them to excel in mathematics. Students connect with classmates from around the globe and compete against one another on this dynamic learning environment that fosters collaboration and engagement while broadening perspectives while teaching new mathematical approaches and problem-solving techniques.

Students find 99math to be an engaging way of improving their math skills, as it creates an enjoyable gaming atmosphere and offers motivation and focus to improve. Furthermore, its gamification elements keep them engaged and enable them to build fluency faster.


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