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Reasons to do Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

What sounds more happening and adventurous than rolling the wheels of your bike on one of the most heavenly and beautiful lands of the country? A bike trip to Leh is no less than any dream for the Daredevil Bikers of the country and even for people who have the urge to explore the alluring and beautiful Natural beauty, should definitely consider this trip. 

Leh is a Himalayan Town which is located at a great height of 11,562 ft in the region of Ladakh. The place has many attractions not only for the countrymen but people from all over the world as well. There are many reasons, other than the thrilling and exciting journey, why one should do the Leh Ladakh bike trip.

Places to visit on the Leh Ladakh bike trip

  • Leh Town: The trip offers you to experience the cultural and beautiful town of Leh, where different colorful festivals and the lifestyles of the people will make you want to stay there forever. One can see the Lamayuru or the ‘Moonland’ hills, famous for its Lunar landscape and the monastery, dating back to the 11th century.
  • The Nubra Valley: The place is also known as the ‘Valley of Flowers’ and I think it’s enough to imagine the exquisiteness of the place. Bless your Eyes and Souls by visiting this miracle of nature while on this trip. 
  • Khardung La Pass: It is one of the highest motorable roads on Earth, resting at an altitude of 5359 mt, the pass offers amazing views. 
  • Tso Moriri Lake: The largest Alpine Lake in India, at a startling height of 15,000 ft, is the beautiful, charming, still, and tranquil Tso Moriri Lake. The place is surrounded by rugged landscape and looks like a Diamond in the rough. 
  • Shanti Stupa: Just like the name says, The Shanti Stupa is one of the most peaceful places to be. It also is a very famous and visited place in Leh-Ladakh. The moon-white structure and the dome look very rich and even more stunning in the moonlight, absolutely aesthetic to look at. 
  • Pangong Tso: Also called The Pangong Lake, rests in the core of the Himalayas and laps of Ladakh. The place is stretched for 134 km of beauty, and the Blue Lake in between the Brown Mountains strikes the eye with its charm and beauty.
  • Leh Palace, Hemis Monastery, Namgyal Tsemo Monastery, are other places that one should not miss out on this trip. They are equally beautiful, attractive, and stunning and definitely make the trip more amazing.

Beauty of Leh Ladakh bike trip

  1. Driving on Snow:

Not on the whole journey, but there are multiple regions at high elevations of around 15,000 ft or more, that offer you to drive in the snow, such as Kunzum La, Khardung La, Lachang La, Tanglang La, Nakee, and Lachulung La. Test your real driving skills at these places and feel like a fearless rider.

  1. Summertime:

The place is blessed with cool and chilly weather here. Even in the summer season, the atmosphere is very pleasant and cool, never going above 25 degrees, and going down at night-time. To escape the scorching and unbearable heat, people visit this place in the summertime and enjoy the coolness here. 

  1. Living with Nature:

When the day comes to an end, it is time for camping, and what makes it really beautiful is the Nature around it. Park your stylish bikes near the tents and sit with your soul dancing inside you because of the beauty it experiences. Do campfire, hit the guitar strings, sing your favorite songs aloud and do what you are supposed to, to live.

  1. Stargazing:     

The place offers clear skies most of the time, so at night it is time to experience something, city life will never be able to offer you. Millions of stars at one sight. You get to spot the most surreal, magical, and divine, The Milky Way Galaxy. Other constellations add up to the beauty of the sky. It will be really good to carry some kinds of Binoculars with you as well, to get a better view.

Your camera is waiting to click some of the most beautiful and adventurous shots, so prepare your poses with your bikes and get ready to flutter the flags and race the gears of your Bike. 


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