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Top 5 Car Exterior Cleaning Tips

This article lists some car exterior cleaning tips for the extra careful car owners to clean their car effectively. The process includes simple car care products to maintain the factory-like shine of a car for a long time.

Best 5 Simple Car Exterior Cleaning Tips for In-house Car Maintenance

We often get to see people customizing their cars in a certain way that reflects so much about their personalities. 

That’s the reason why people are so protective about their cars all the time- they don’t want it to communicate something wrong about the owner. It’s pretty obvious that a dirty car points towards an irresponsible owner.

So, here are the best car exterior cleaning tips to keep your car shining glossy brand new:

1. Wiping the Exterior With Soap Water and Damp Cloth

soap water with damp cloth

This is the most common and easiest of all car exterior cleaning tips. 

For this, you need a good quality car wash shampoo and a clean cloth to wipe away the layer of dirt and dust from the car surface.

Steps to follow:

  1. Wipe away the layer of grime and dirt with the help of a microfiber towel.
  1. Now get some car wash shampoo on a different microfiber cloth to remove the layer of tiny dust particles which makes the car exterior look dull.
  1. Scrub the surfaces of the tire, wheel wells, bumpers, headlights and tail lights well as they are more likely to get a layer of mud over them. (use a light hand to avoid scratches)

We suggest you use only a good quality car wash shampoo for effective and safe cleaning of their beloved cars. 

This is because these car care products are specially made for cleaning car’s paintwork. 

They effectively remove all dust, grime, and stains without harming the paintwork of the car.

2. Clean Liquid Spills

liquid spills

Make sure to clean away all the liquids spilled in and around your car immediately. 

Fluids have the potential to damage the car to a great extent both internally and externally. 

Liquids spilled inside or outside the car can be hazardous and can even lead to explosions at times. 

You can use a clean microfiber towel to wipe away the fluid and then blow-dry the surface.

3. Deep Clean to Remove Grime and Dirt

grime at top of the window

Old layers accumulated on the deep cuts of the wheel or intricate edges can be difficult to clean with a plain cloth.

  • Most of the time, it can be hard to deal with them.
  • However, a branded wheel brush can be a highly effective tool to get rid of such stubborn grimes. 
  • A wheel brush is designed to make car wheel cleaning easy, effective, and less time-consuming. 
  • It is also a great way to remove the toughest of grime from the car wheel without wasting much water. 
  • Make sure to not scrub hard as it can damage the exterior.

4.Vinegar and Soda For The Deep Seated Spots

vinegar and soda

Car wash wipes are a great way to clean the car exterior without any hassle. But what if you run out of them?

Baking soda and vinegar together act as a great substitute for car wash wipe to clean the oldest stains and spots from your car exterior. 

These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Take a clean old cloth.
  1. Prepare a liquid of vinegar and baking soda by mixing them in appropriate proportions.
  1. Dip a cloth in the liquid and press away the extra liquid absorbed in the cloth.
  1. Clean the spots with a light hand.

This DIY can give you desired results without being heavy on your pocket.

5. Drying The Car After Wash

drying after wash

This is a crucial step in cleaning your car completely. 

Waiting for the water to evaporate can take more than hours for drying the car and it is harmful to the body of the car.

Few tips on car drying:

  • Don’t put the car cover right after washing the car as it will restrict proper drying.
  • Let the paint dry properly before putting car wax to avoid peeling in hot temperature.
  • Use water resistant car covers and durable ones with high quality fabric that can resist scratches as well.
  • Spread the car wax properly and don’t put extra layers as it ends up making the surface greasy which lets dust and dirt stick to the surface.
  • Wash and dry both sides of the window without any smears or streaks to avoid dirt accumulation.


Cleaning is a crucial part of car maintenance. Every part of the car needs proper cleaning at least once in 3 months. It prevents blockages that can later create problems in proper working.

Also, washing your car does not mean simply washing the windshield, windows, and paintwork. You must also pay attention to the parts not evidently visible. 

Finally, if you are looking for some good quality car care products online, then you must check the variety offered at Their products are authentic, affordable, and reliable as they are sourced from 100% certified sellers and distributors.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and found it helpful. Have a nice day ahead.


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