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Why Everyone Needs To Do Kedarkantha Trek Once In Their Lifetime


The Wait is Finally Over. KEDARKANTHA TREK is Back Again!! It is one of the best trekking experiences that you can get if you are a trekking lover. India has many things to offer starting from the great and magnificent mountains to the deep and lavish seas. You can enjoy all types of adventures bound by the beauty of nature in India. Trekking is one of the most enchanting and fun-loving activities that can be enjoyed in the mountain ranges. The Kedarkantha region is all jam-packed with mountains so it will be a great idea to go for Kedarkantha trek in Uttarakhand. Nature-loving adventure might bring real joy to your life and trekking is one of the most popular forms of adventure that one can experience in his or her lifetime. 

Though it seems difficult and quite impossible for the first timers, the satisfaction comes only after one finishes the trek. Be it any harder or easier, but a real adventure lover will always get the pleasure and thrill of hiking. 

Kedarkantha turns visitors into a storyteller. You can recall it all in a very vigorous manner. The mountains in their denseness, their snow-capped peaks, rugged composition and steepness. The ever-flowing of water, and the purity of water is so clean that you literally drink it directly from the water bodies themselves. The modest charm of the place sweeps off one’s feet in the minute you reach here. The sky grows darker, painted blue on seas, one stroke at a time,  into deeper and deeper blemishes of night. None of us knows what heaven looks like but it is certain that one of us will find a taste of it here. Even though swirl mountains are considered to be painful, complicated, and sometimes deathly dangerous. But sometimes they enlighten us that there is no summit without a struggle. Life would be miserably boring without challenges and thrill. Without struggle, how could we know happiness?

So, here are the 5 reasons why everyone needs to do Kedarkantha Trek once in their lifetime

Good deal of snow and fun

If you love and cherish snow, then you must and should definitely go for the Kedarkantha Trek Package. Take back the child inside you and have fun with snow. During the right time of the year, Kedarkantha is wrapped with a white sheet of snow and it also adds fun and adventure at the same time. A complete and overall package of thrills, excitement, and breathtaking beauty.

Witnessing charming sunrise at Garhwal Region

If we have to define sunrise from Kedarkantha Peak, it will go like this- beam in amazement at the spectacular, one-way expanse of the sky filled with a rainbow of dawn hues and tints. Watching the first glimpse of the Sun in the Garhwal region is truly a sight to behold and a treat for everyone’s eyes.

Travelling along the Snow-Capped Peak Views

Throughout the journey, you will be able to see peaks such as Bandarpunch, Swargarohini, and Draupadi ka Danda as you begin your ascent. Apart from this, there is always something to cherish at every point. Journey through the boundless land of grass during the day and enjoy the star-studded sky in the night. 

Enjoy Camping & the Myths of Kedarkantha

The Kedarkantha Trek journey is full of mythological myths and folklore. One of them is about the charming and eye-catching Juda Ka Talab, where you will first set your camp before reaching Kedarkantha Summit Base camp. According to legends, once Lord Shiva opened his dreadlocks (ponytail) a little. And, the water that came out formed this lake.  

One of the Best Trek for Beginners

The trek route is like a piece of cake for any physically fit person. In addition to this, Kedarkantha Trek gives you a wonderful opportunity and experience to have a summit climb. Isn’t that as fascinating as well as compelling as your first trek experience? The climbing is not simple and gets more difficult as you approach and get closer to the summit. Besides this, you will always be taken care of by enormous and gigantic mountains.

Trekking on Kedarkantha is very much more than it seems in the images on your computer screen. It offers you a sight of accomplishment and fulfilment. So what are you waiting for? Book your Kedarkantha Trek Now.

Note to Consider: Kedarkantha should NOT be confused with Kedarnath because they both are Two Different Treks.  Best airline services:-


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