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How to find the right product in our rim tree comparison

You are one of those drivers who regularly change tires themselves and then do not know where to put the tires until the next change? Then a rim tree is your solution.what is a da sander the rim tree is a space-saving alternative to the conventional storage of the tires on the shelf. Several tires can be stored on top of each other, some rim trees even hold the weight of tires by 21 inches. In addition to the weight capacity, the different rim trees continue to differ, especially with regard to accessories. Find out in our test or comparison table which rim tree is suitable for you.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our rim tree comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

  • Rim trees offer themselves as a rim- or tire-friendly storage option for complete wheels and, in contrast to tire racks, save a lot of storage space
  • Most rim tree models are suitable for vehicle wheels with a maximum inch size of 18 or 21 inches, making them practical for wheels of most vehicle classes.
  • Depending on the manufacturer, rim trees can also have a tread depth gauge, a tire marker set, or a protective cover in the scope of delivery, the advantages of which we will explain to you in our guide.

If the home cellar, garage, or tool shed is bursting at the seams, there is a problem for drivers who change tires twice a year and have so far dispensed with all-season tires: How do I store my winter or summer tires? This question is likely to interest quite a lot of motorists because according to a survey from 2013, 18% of drivers change tires themselves.

A good solution, which also saves money compared to the tire storage at the tire dealer, is rim trees. With the help of the purchase advice for our comparison of rim trees 2022, we would like to support you in your search for the best rim tree. Furthermore, we have compiled important information on the permissible wheel-tire combinations or the available designs of rim trees. In addition, you can inquire on our website about further comparisons on the subject of cars and wheels that we have carried out for you.

How do you proceed with tire storage?

No matter whether you want to store summer or winter tires – before that, the air pressure should be increased by about 0.5 bar compared to the manufacturer’s specification and the car tires should be marked with a piece of chalk, for example. This makes it easier to determine your installation position on the car the next time you change tires. The storage location should be as cool as possible, as well as protected from moisture and sun, as the last factor, in particular, can have an influence on the aging process of the tire rubber compound.

Is the rim tree a space-saving miracle?

What distinguishes a rim tree?

Rim trees allow the standing storage of different wheel-tire combinations. Often they are therefore also referred to as rim stand, rim tree, tire stand, tire holder, rim holder, tire tree, or rim tree cart.

The main component of a rim tree is the stand, which is usually made of aluminum and is equipped with four support plates, on each of which a tired rim is stowed away. The necessary stability is provided by the stand, which, depending on the model, can also be equipped with castors and an additional push handle.

If the rim tree is mobile, best floor drill press it can be moved better when loaded, which can be particularly helpful when tidying up in the garage. A rim tree with rollers, of which three to four can be available depending on the version, also offers the advantage that it can be positioned directly on the vehicle.

After the tire change, the dismantled wheelset can then be stowed directly on the stand and transported to its storage location.

If you want to buy a rim tree, this not only gives you the opportunity to store your wheelset in a space-saving manner in contrast to a rim shelf but also to protect the rims from dew or condensation.

Condensation water cannot accumulate in the rims thanks to the support plates, which prevents rust formation.

Thanks to the support plates that support the weight of the wheels, imbalances, and deformations on the tires can also be avoided compared to a floor bearing, as they do not rest directly on top of each other.

Tip: If you own valuable aluminum rims or even rims made of chrome, the purchase of a rim stand can be all the more worthwhile, because it protects them from scratches for the aforementioned reason.


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