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Why businesses in the automobile sector must use IVR: 5 Use Cases

In the automobile industry, you can survive only through innovation and out-of-the-box ideas to retain customers in the long run and acquire new ones.

Besides your product, the quality of customer service speaks volumes about how long your brand will stay in the market. In addition, you should be well aware of customer expectations to keep making continuous improvements. For this, you should invest in IVR technology. 

Here are the five use cases of IVR technology to understand its importance in the automobile sector:

  • Helps with market research

In the modern era, customers love feature-packed cars and prefer purchasing cars that suit their needs. 

Brands need prior knowledge of customers’ expectations so that they can include all the desired features in their upcoming vehicles. Here, the significance of cloud-based IVR solutions increases because it helps companies with market research. With a customised IVR menu, you can collect customer feedback and learn about expectations in terms of pricing, features, etc.

  • Brings sales and lead generation opportunities 

As stated, customers have hundreds of questions in mind before  making large investments. For automobile companies, it is imperative to be available round the clock and address customers’ concerns with perfection.

If brands invest in IVR technology, customers are likely to discuss their questions with their brand representatives at the most convenient time. It also helps brands to learn about potential leads, which can further be converted into sales. 

Hence, it is greatly advisable to partner with the best IVR service provider to capitalize on every sales and lead generation opportunity.


  • Allows you to carry out operations remotely

Another benefit of joining forces with IVR providers in India is that automobile companies can take care of customers’ queries related to sales and support without having to be available at one location. In other words, they can carry out operations remotely.

Besides offering peace of mind, IVR technology helps to gain crucial insights because of features such as in-depth call analytics, call recording, call tracking, etc.

  • Provides swift car service updates 

Being a car owner is not easy because of the cost of maintenance at regular intervals to keep vehicles running smoothly. After leaving their cars for maintenance, customers seek regular car service updates.

Hence, automobile brands should use the cloud-based IVR solution because they can easily address customers’  general car service queries without compromising on their core business activities.

With a dedicated option in the IVR menu, customers can easily get the required information, which, in turn, results in strong brand equity, positive WOMM (word-of-mouth marketing), etc.

  • Provides insurance info instantly

Apart from updates on car service, insurance-related information such as revised premium amounts, due dates, etc is also needed by customers. It is important for brands to offer quick information so that customers can renew the insurance of their vehicle.

Helping customers quickly access the information they need is easy if you partner with a top IVR service provider such as Knowlarity. You can have a customised IVR menu that allows customers to quickly resolve their insurance-related queries.


Investing in IVR technology can revolutionize any industry. It reduces the workload of your support team by decreasing the number of general queries and allowing your employees to invest time in complex queries to offer the best possible solutions to customers.

In addition, customers enjoy self-service, which not only saves them a significant amount of time but also gives them the confidence that the brand is available for them all the time. 

We hope that you have understood the aforementioned use cases of IVR. To read more such articles, please browse through our blog section.


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