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What is a Sapphire Rod?

Ideal for a wide range of applications, Sapphire Rod is made up of Sapphire crystal. In the medical, diagnostic, and industrial sectors, Sapphire rod has a variety of uses. From diagnostics to processing of semiconductors, Sapphire Rod are far more high-ranked to other materials like Quartz, Alumina and other materials.  Moreover, Sapphire Rod has some exceptional features like high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistance, scratch resistant, chemical robustness, and superior radiation stoutness.

Application of Sapphire Rod:

As the material for Sapphire Rod is very adaptable, Sapphire Rod can be used for a variety of uses. As it is very resilient in nature, it finds ideal application in testing and analytics, semiconductor processing, lamp envelopes, lamps and even medical applications.

Benefits of Sapphire Rod:

Sapphire Rod are a suitable choice over other materials due to its numerous advantages. With Sapphire Rod, you need not worry about their longevity or poor performance, as Sapphire Rod is manufactured according to the highest industry standard.  Just scroll through to check out some of the features of Sapphire Rod:-

(1) High Hardness: Sapphire Rod are quite flexible due to its high level of hardness and density, which makes it a perfect fit for a wide array of applications. Due to its hardy texture, Sapphire Rod cannot be broken or beat off easily.  Most interestingly, at an optimum temperature of 20-25 degree Celsius, Sapphire Rod is at a brilliant score of 9 on the Mohs scale.

(2) Sky Scraping Strength: Sapphire Rod finds application in pumps, pistons and plunger rods because of its high level of elasticity and compressive strength. Without succumbing to any damage, Sapphire Rod can easily tolerate unfavorable conditions.

(3) Scratch Resistant: Performance of Sapphire Rod may be compromised if scratches appear on the Sapphire Rod surface. They are mainly available as polished rods which is scratch resistant. Thus, with Sapphire Rod, you don’t have to deal with nicks on its surface.

(4)High Temperature Resistance: With Sapphire Rod, you need not worry about breakage or compromise in high temperature environments, as Sapphire Rod have fabulous temperature resistance, unlike other materials. When exposed to extreme heat conditions, there is no effect on its structure or utility, as Sapphire Rod has a softening point of around 2000 degree Celsius.

(5) Purity: You need not worry about Sapphire Rod performance because they are manufactured from cautiously sourced raw material, making them completely pure. The overall elasticity and robustness of Sapphire Rod can never be compromised as no cheaper materials or compounds are added to them.

(6) Chemical Sustainability: When exposed to different chemicals or corrosive gents, Sapphire Rod retains its uprightness. When exposed to acids and alkalis, Sapphire Rod do not react for they are chemically inert. Thus, we can say that Sapphire Rod is very stable, as they can tolerate exposure up to 1000 degree Celsius.

(7) Loftier Radiation Stability: Sapphire Rod is an ideal choice for medical diagnostic equipment and laser devices as they are stable even when exposed to radiation. For this reason, Sapphire Rod fined wide applications in Mass Spectroscopy, Thermo-optic temperature measurement, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy or NMR and many others.

(8) Bio –inert: When exposed to biological matter, Sapphire Rod does not cause any reaction or degrade as they are made up of bio inert materials. For this reason, they find wide applications for tooth implants, bone implants, and other bioengineering or medical applications.

Thus, investing in high quality Sapphire Rod from a reliable vendor is definitely going to reap you fruits in the long run. Sapphire Rod, besides, delivering superior performance also lives up to the established industry standard. Moreover, Sapphire Rod is equipped to handle all kinds of stressful environment without succumbing to damage or breakage, as they have high abrasion and wear resistance capability.

Key Takeaway:

Now, that you have gone through all the benefits of investing in Sapphire Rod, Why wait any longer? Just invest in Sapphire Rod for your business and utilize its unique benefits. Rest assured that with Sapphire Rod, there is no compromise in quality and also you get a personalized polished Sapphire Rod at attractive rates.


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