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Which are the best countries to teach English?

Teaching English in another country may be personally and professionally rewarding. It is true for individuals who are genuinely committed to teaching. Countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, and Mexico have excellent opportunities for English teachers looking to work overseas.

Educating English as a second language overseas has been an attractive choice for many people in recent decades. This is because it allows individuals to make money, travel the world, and learn about diverse customs and civilizations. There is a huge number of teaching jobs in abroad, and people can earn a significant amount by doing it. Let us look at a few places where one can teach English and earn a great amount. 

  • Japan: When it comes to employing English instructors, Japan has one of the greatest traditions. That’s because the government requires English to be taught in public schools from kindergarten through high school. ESL teaching positions are also accessible in Japan all year. English teachers earn between $2,500 and $2,800 a month on average. Housing perks and accommodations may be compensated or subsidised depending on the school or programme. In Japan, ESL teachers can work in private language schools, public institutions, and even huge corporations.
  • South Korea: It has one of the world’s largest English teaching marketplaces. This is mostly due to the South Korean government’s efforts to increase children’s and adults’ English abilities. Approximately 2,000 to 3,000 ESL instructor positions are available virtually every month. Large organisations in the nation now prioritise applicants with strong written and vocal English abilities. What’s amazing about working as an English language teacher in South Korea is that there are jobs available all year. Salaries range from $1,800 to $2,200 per month, depending on the currency rate. The tax is merely 5%. If they qualify for the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in South Korea, applicants in the United States may be awarded free flights. ESL teachers may be required to work 25 to 30 hours a week. They are given compensated vacation and holiday time.

Nothing tops South Korea in terms of pay and working conditions. Most firms in the nation will cover the teacher’s lodging, flights, and other expenses. This is one of the reasons why many English instructors want to teach in South Korea. South Koreans pay on time, and teachers may stretch their salaries more than in other nations.

  • China: The English teaching market in China is also thriving. It has quickly become one of the most popular places for native English speakers seeking work as English instructors. The most significant benefit of working in China is that the income is relatively good while the cost of living is low. English teachers can live comfortably as a result of this.

English teachers seeking employment in big cities like Beijing or Shanghai should have a bachelor’s as well as a TEFL certificate. Even persons without a degree may be successful in smaller towns and cities if they have TEFL certification.

ESL teachers make an average wage ranging from $300 to $1,900 per month, with monthly savings ranging from $250 to $450. For teachers who have completed their 12-month contract, Chinese English schools may provide a one-month incentive. A telephone or in-person interview is usually part of the employment process.

The majority of Chinese citizens do not speak English, which is the only issue that many ESL teachers experience when working in China. As a result, foreigners may find it challenging to communicate with individuals outside of school.

  • Czech Republic: The need for English teachers in the Czech Republic has recently surged dramatically. This is particularly true in Prague between September and January. ESL teachers may work in private schools, language schools, and summer programmes.

The Czech Republic is an intriguing nation in which to teach English. This is due to a large number of available positions as well as the flexible contracts. The wage and visa requirements are two of the disadvantages of working in the Czech. English teachers who want to work there must go through a lengthy process before they can work. They must produce documentation such as bank records to demonstrate that they have enough money to maintain themselves.

  • Saudi Arabia: Qualified English instructors in Saudi Arabia can make up to $3,000 or more per month tax-free. They also receive free health insurance, flights, and lodging. However, English instructors face relatively high demands and credentials. Many young teachers have been drawn to these services. Unfortunately, the country’s culture is very tough to adapt to. There are strict rules prohibiting persons of oppositeopposing genders from chatting or meeting in public or in private. Furthermore, alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, and foreigners are required to reside in compounds with limited interaction with the local inhabitants outside of work.

Foreigners are not exempted since Saudi culture is extremely strict. Nonetheless, wages and benefits are higher than in other nations. In Saudi Arabia, ESL teachers must go through a long application and visa procedure that might take up to three months. English teaching positions may be found in major cities.

  • Mexico: English instructors are likewise in high demand in Mexico. Many individuals visit Mexico to study English teaching and the native culture. This is owing to Mexico’s close proximity to the U. S. and ease of access. There are numerous teaching opportunities available around the country. Unfortunately, because of the poor salary, they are generally unappealing to ESL instructors.
  • Germany: While Germany is frequently derided for its rule-following and seriousness, these are tremendous assets in the classroom. Germany draws English instructors who don’t want the added burden of complicated bureaucratic procedures because of its good quality of life, excellent work-life balance, and central European position.

The remuneration is not bad (average $2000 per month), and it rises dramatically with an appropriate English teacher training course (up to $5000!). Thus, we strongly advise enhancing your bachelor’s degree with additional teaching certificates for greater earnings. The positions in English language teaching span from preschool to foreign schools to adult business centres.


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