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What Documents Do I Need For a Canada Visa Application Online?

When applying for a Canada visa online, you will need to know what documents you will need. The following are some common questions that are asked in this process. These may include the Cost, Biometric test, and Multiple-entry visa. Be sure to carefully read the information that is given to you to make sure that you have provided the proper information. Before submitting your application, consider your trip to Canada.

Documents required

To complete a Canada visa application online, you will need to have some basic documents on hand. These documents are called ‘documents of identity’. Depending on the country, you may also need to provide copies of your passports, National IDs, and family or household registries. If you are applying for a family or individual visa, you will need to provide proof that the applicant is not a danger to Canadian society. You will also need to submit police clearances from any countries you have lived in for more than six months.


If you want to immigrate to Canada, you need to know the cost of a Canada Visa online application. The cost varies, depending on the type of visa you need and whether or not you’re applying for a temporary resident visa or a permanent residency visa. For example, a permanent resident visa requires a $100 Right of Citizenship fee and an additional $75 for the citizenship certificate. However, temporary residents are only required to pay a $7 electronic Travel Authorization fee. Although this does not guarantee entry into Canada, it does provide you with a temporary document that is valid for up to five years. Another type of visa application is a work permit, which requires a separate visa and usually has no costs.

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Biometric test

The Biometric Test for Canada visa application online process has been opened again for booking appointments for the test on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Biometrics appointments are required for all in-Canada immigration applicants who want to live in the country for more than 90 days. Applicants from neighbouring countries and those who are unable to schedule appointments online should contact the nearest Visa Application Centre (VAC) or apply in person. The online application process is streamlined to make the process more efficient for both parties.

Multiple-entry visa

The IRCC encourages the issuance of multiple-entry visas for legitimate travellers. But to obtain such a visa, country-specific procedures must be approved at the national level. In addition, a single-entry visa must be explained. Depending on the nature of your trip, you might need to fill in an application for a single-entry Canada visa. There is no reason to apply for a multiple-entry Canada visa if you do not plan to stay in the country for a long time.

Business visa

When applying for a Canada business visa, you must provide proof that you can support yourself financially in the country. To do so, you must submit evidence of employment with a registered company, stating your job description and salary package. You must also provide evidence of the purpose of your visit. If you are coming to Canada as a representative of a company, you must present a letter of invitation, stating your purpose of visiting the country. The invitee must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

Pregnancy visa

Applying for a Canada visa for pregnancy is a relatively simple process. You should make sure you are not already pregnant. The Canadian government permits travel to the country for a pregnant woman as long as she is at least eight weeks pregnant. If she is more than eight weeks along, she will be denied entry. Thankfully, you can submit your application online, making the entire process as simple as possible. But be sure to follow the instructions carefully, because if you do, you might have to wait a week or more for your visa to be processed. It is also required to go for wpc2027.

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