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What are the steps to set the Next box range extender WiFi?

If you are tired from your home dead zones and not obtaining the internet from your wireless router in a wider coverage location then you can use the Next box range extender. This is a super boot range extender that transmits your home network. You can attach your wireless router with this range extender effortlessly because this range extender is a compatible networking router that supports various varieties of standard router networks. So, this is a good internet connection delivering a range extender that can automatically access your router signal through ist external powerful antennas. After taking the router network, this is further transferred through its signal antennas. 

You can use this wireless booster for transporting the internet combination of your home router from one distance to a different area. To enable the settings of this range extender then you are first going into the user interface of this extender. The user’s internet is opening by using this extender IP address or using re.nextbox.home. So, you can traverse this inscription on the interconnection interface upon your computer and log in to the Next range extender. Thus, succeed in the settings of this supporter by emulating the on-screen guidance. 

Steps to set the Next box range extender WiFi

The wireless booster terminates the diverse problems of your internet router. So, you can use this range extender for solving all types of problems of your networking range extender. Only set the range extender including your router applying the WPS button. Press the router WPS button while it’s power switching on appropriately and also press your Next wireless extender WPS button for combining it with your router network attachment adequately. Below are some steps to set up the Next box range extender WiFi network connection. 

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Install the range booster by using the manual instructions: 

Install the wireless range extender by emulating the directions of this device user manual. The user manual exclusively gives the proper guidance regarding switching on its power decently. Read the user manual and let’s begin its initial working that is turning on its power. Go into the user manual quick installation guide section and start its installation process by following it.

Keep the proper operating placement for this range booster for taking your router network easily and also maintain its position in your home ventilating area, to acquire a good internet connection. Attach the Ethernet cable with this booster if it is necessary and connect its network with qualifying devices to carry its network connection. 

(i) Use the power adapter that is presented in this device packaging box and plug in your range extender using the by utilizing the power adapter. 

(ii) turns on this range extender electrical power and attaches its internet while its signal light appropriately blinks. So, link this range extender internet in your computer or use it. 

Use the app for the Next box range extender: 

To set up the wireless network of this extender, you have to progress into the mobile phone play store application. Make sure the wireless internet is attached to your mobile phone. Now, install the application to lead the wireless network of this range booster. By clicking on the start logo option you can effortlessly open it. Now, click on the plus icon to add your wireless device to this application. Use the repeater mode or choose this device name to pair it with your mobile app.

Now, this is pairing with your networking app adequately, so login in now. Type the login basic information and finish the login process. If it is login successfully then you have to only open the ap.setup to control or manage this internet extender wireless settings. Change the wireless settings and acquire the wireless connection according to your need. 

Use the WPS or setup page for easy setup: 

Use the WPS function for combining this range booster with your router. After this, type some basic queries while you have to connect it with the WPS mode. Press the WPS button and pair this range extender effortlessly. To the web-based setup, go into the web interface or access the admin page of this extender. The admin page also comes with many settings.

Now, change the wireless setting of this extender. To use the 5Ghz internet frequency band then you are going into the wireless setting and choose the frequency setting under this and convert it to the 2.4Ghz into the 5Ghz band network. At last, save this replacing setting. 



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