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What Are the Benefits of Using a Master Key for All Locks?

What Do You Mean by A Master Key System?

It is important for business owners to provide priority to security for safeguarding their employees and their profits. Handling many keys will surely put their security at risk. Since it is always possible for them to lose the keys or those might even end up falling into the wrong hands. It will be possible to fix this problem by making use of a master key for all locks. In this article, you will get to know the benefits of using a master key for all locks for your business.

1. Helps to Prevent Internal Theft:

There is an increased risk for you to become an internal theft victim. It becomes more of a risk if your business comes with high turnover rate or there a few entry-level employees. It is essential to have limited access to sensitive company along with client information, valuable inventory, large cash deposits, etc. A master key for all locks systems will safeguard these items properly. This can be done by providing the key only to certain faithful individuals in that company.

2. Provides Complete Control:

A master key will allow the business owners to have complete control over the security of the company. Only one key will be governing every single lock in that building. It will also be possible to open each lock with the help of its personal individual key. This can be entrusted to individuals requiring access to those sections of the building. By limiting access in this manner, you will be assured that every single section will be restricted to selected individuals. This will alleviate the danger of multiple keys getting lost in the process.

3. Helps to Work in A Productive Manner:

There is no doubt about the fact that a workplace will be more successful in case it is more effective. Since there is a master key for all locks at your disposal, it will be possible for you to unlock virtually any door easily in the building without trying to find the required key from multiple key rings out there.

Instead, it will be possible for you to have a single key in your pocket so that you can access the required areas quickly without wasting your valuable time. This will help to save you plenty of time during urgent situations as well.

4. Price:

At present, you will be able to select from a wide range of access control systems. There are plenty of such systems out there, including biometric entry, smart locks, keyless entry, and so on. The master key for all locks has already been there for a long span of time and it is still going strong. The main reason for this is that it is quite inexpensive. You will not require a long time to install this type of key system and it is also quite affordable as well. The master key only needs an additional set of pins and therefore, it is much less expensive to retrofit your commercial premises with it instead of an entirely new electronic access system.


Being a business owner, it will be imperative for you to balance security with employee access for alleviating security risks and potential loss. However, it is sometimes easier to say this than to do it. This can often make you feel frustrated and upset in the long run since your security might not be up to the mark. Fortunately, a master key for all locks systems will provide you with a solution to this issue which can be employed as a support for every type of access control protocol.


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