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What accessories belong to a trampoline in 2022?

In some cases, the necessary trampoline accessories are already included in the scope of delivery. A trampoline includes the following accessories:


  • Frame with supports

  • Jumping bed

  • Bounce

  • Safety net with supports (trampoline with the net is absolutely necessary for children)

  • Matching trampoline ladders

  • Cover against rain and weather

  • Ccgadget


What characteristics should you pay attention to in a trampoline for the garden?

For durability,best f1 remote control car it depends on stability, maximum load capacity, and a UV coating. A simple installation promotes the willingness to dismantle the garden trampoline in winter and rebuild it in spring.

As far as safety is concerned, this includes a good edge cover of at least 2 cm thickness and a stable and fully lockable safety net with padded supports.


When it comes to functionality, the suspension is very important. Too strong a suspension slows down the jumping energy, a too weak spring effect allows only little weight for the jumper. Finding the right balance here is what makes jumping fun. Be guided by the approved weight of the jumper and the weight of those who mainly use it. Deviations of 20 to 30 kilos are well tolerated in most cases.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a small trampoline for fitness?

Should your trampoline be a fitness machine and fit into the apartment? Then a fitness trampoline is perfect. A trampoline workout has the advantage that it is joint-gentle and can be built up in a variety of ways. Instructions can be found in numerous videos. Especially popular are workouts on mini trampolines with a grab bar, as they train even more muscle groups and the bar gives security. Compared to a garden trampoline, a fitness trampoline has the following advantages and disadvantages:



  • Smaller space requirement

  • Weather-independent training possible

  • Lower acquisition costs

  • Very effective training with proper guidance and application



  • Not usable as play equipment for children (no safety net)

  • Less fun factor

The most important user questions and answers about trampolines

Answers to frequent user questions that were not answered directly by our purchase advice can be found here.


Which manufacturers and brands are there for trampolines?

The most famous brands for trampolines are: Hudora, Ultrasport, Sportplus, Kinetic, Kesser, Kiduku, Sportstech and Viking. best rc car parts you will find these names in many trampoline tests or trampoline comparisons.

If you want to buy a cheap trampoline, you can even get lucky with an action of a discounter (Aldi, Lidl, etc.). But pay attention to the exact type designation if you want to get an idea of the properties and quality in advance.


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