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Top 16 Home Remedies to Increase Fertility

With the high cost of fertility treatments these days, and the movement towards a more natural approach to medicine, more and more people are looking for home remedies for everything these days. Home remedies can be more affordable than traditional treatments and are usually safer on the body than other forms of treatments.

Going all natural is a great way to start out on your trying to conceive journey. The question is, are there any home remedies that you can use to increase fertility? Read on to find out how I used home remedies to get pregnant. I also decided to share my journey online, and someone accused me of trying to get TikTok followers pregnant !  

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be a great home remedy for fertility. Vitamin C can trigger ovulation in women as well as increase the amount of cervical mucus, which can help the sperm make their way to where they need to be more quickly and easily. It has been shown to be a great fertility booster in men, by increasing sperm count for men. You can try a Vit C supplement, or bulk up on citrus fruits, grapefruits, kiwis and kale.

Cough syrup

Some women swear by cough syrup that contains Guaifenesen for boosting fertility. This is because the active ingredient in some cough syrups can increase cervical mucus as well. So go pick up some Robitussin at your local drug store.

However, that which thins the cervical mucus is said to be more favorable to boy sperm, so avoid cough syrup if you’re hoping for a girl!

Evening primrose oil

If you are looking to increase and protect your cervical mucus even more, Evening Primrose Oil is a great choice. It is an all natural herbal supplement that can really improve the quality of cervical mucus as it is an essential fatty acid that also helps strengthen the uterus.

Folic acid

This B vitamin is for more than just preventing birth effects while pregnant, folate can also help you get pregnant too. Folic Acid is important in maintaining fertility since it helps to keep all ovulatory processes working properly. And then if you do become pregnant, folic acid is very important in also helping you to maintain a healthy pregnancy as well, by minimizing the possibility of birth defects.

It is important to take 400 mcg of folic acid at least 3 months before you are trying to conceive. That not only helps your fertility but it is crucial for the development and health of your unborn baby. Folic acid has a dramatic effect on preventing the baby from ending up with neural tube defects, and possibly even autism.

Omega 3 and DHA

The Omega 3 fats and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are incredibly important for hormone regulation. You will want to make sure you have enough in your system to help you ovulate properly. Wild salmon is an excellent source, and you can always take supplements as well.

Just be mindful that you don’t eat questionable fish like tuna and shark meat since mercury levels may be high which can not necessarily hurt your chances of getting pregnant, but can have a negative impact on brain development in the fetus.

And that is another reason you want to load up on Omega 3 and DHA because that is excellent for brain development in the unborn baby once pregnancy is achieved.

Progesterone Cream

Apply some progesterone cream topically to help balance out estrogen and progesterone hormone levels. Use 1/4 tsp just after your menstrual cycle completes until the end of your cycle to help boost your chances.

Winter cherry

Winter cherry is an herb that can help improve female fertility. You can powder a dose of 5 gm. of winter cherry into a glass of milk and take about a week after you get your period.

Try a Fertility Supplement

There are tons of fertility herbs you could try beyond Evening Primrose Oil, like Vitex, Dong Quai, Maca Root and more. If wading into the world of fertility herbs is too intimidating, you could also try a fertility herbal supplement blend.

Blends like ConceiveEasy are great in that in a simple one-a-day tablet, you have a premeasured, premixed perfect concoction of herbs, vitamins and minerals ready to help you boost your fertility.

High Fat Dairy Foods

If you have been drinking skim milk and eating low-fat yogurt, it is time to ditch those because they are not helping your fertility. In fact, low-fat dairy products can increase your testosterone levels which is what you do not want to happen while trying to conceive.

The best fat for your hormones to thrive are fats from dairy foods. Your estrogen levels and progesterone levels will end up at the right levels in order for proper ovulation to happen. So that means, enjoy that whole fat glass of milk, high-fat yogurt (but be sure to eat it plain because flavored yogurt can be full of sugar that can inhibit ovulation), and that cheddar cheese.

Those high-fat dairy foods will help you ovulate, and help you conceive as long as you get the timing of when you are most fertile correct.

Avoid Alcohol and Limit Caffeine

A little bit of alcohol will not hurt your chances to conceive but don’t take the chance on drinking at all if you are trying to conceive since there is no amount of alcohol that is proven to be safe for the developing fetus.

You will also want to limit your caffeine intake to 1 cup of coffee a day if you have been drinking more than that consistently. Too much caffeine can inhibit ovulation and it is also not good for the developing baby as it can increase the chance of miscarriage or your baby to have a low birth weight.

Limit Sugar and Trans Fats

If you are not ovulating properly, and you are eating too many candies, fast food, pastries, cookies, cake, and gummy bears and so on, then that is likely the reason that you are not able to get pregnant. These are all in the junk food category, which contains sugar and trans fats which can be quite damaging if you eat too much of it.

Sugar completely messes with your hormones because when too much sugar is consumed, your insulin levels spike then falls fast which will wreak havoc on your hormonal levels. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a sweet here and there once in a while, as that will not cause your sugar to spike too often and at such an extreme level to the point that it can mess your system up.

Therefore, moderation is the key. If you stick to foods that will help you support your fertility and enjoy a Big Mac with a piece of chocolate cake for dessert on a Saturday, whether you are ovulating or not, that is not enough to have a profound effect on your fertility. Just save those sinful foods for an occasional occurrence, and you will be fine.

Take Up Yoga

The fact of the matter is that stress can be a huge killer to fertility, and to how your body functions as a whole. We all know that stress is part of life, and that simply can’t be avoided. However, the trick is to manage it in ways that it will not cause your body to shut down.

If you are too stressed, you are fatigued, depressed and irritable, and you may even have an increased or decreased appetite. That is a sign that your hormones are imbalanced, and that will not help your fertility. You will need to learn to manage stress better in order to not be so affected.

Therefore, taking up yoga is an idea, or you can take time to unwind by reading a book, meditate, or listening to enjoyable music, or watching a light comedy- whatever helps you calm down. It is incredibly important to reduce your stress levels while you are trying to conceive.

 Watch Your Weight

If you are on either scale of the spectrum, either overweight or underweight, it can be a problem and really affect your ovulation cycle. You should have the right BMI, not less, not more. Thus you should check your BMI and if it is not normal, you should work towards making it normal so as to improve your fertility.

For those that are overweight, it may be as simple as losing 5-10 pounds to rebalance your hormones.

Likewise, for those too far underweight, putting on just a mere 5-10 pounds can also go a long ways toward resetting your hormonal balance.

Get Moderate Exercise, But Not Too Much

If you are exercising too much, you will want to tone it down because too much exercise will stress your body out. If your body is stressed, then you will not be ovulating. But having some exercise is important to help get things flowing properly in your body. That means take a brisk walk for a half hour, 5 days a week, or taking up some swimming. Stay active, but not too active.

Get More Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average woman gets under 7 hours of sleep per night. A lack of 8-hours plus sleep per night can actually hinder your fertility, by throwing off your ovulation cycle and can even increase stress hormones which also hamper fertility.

Drink Water

Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, as it helps with all body processes including the production of healthy cervical mucus.

Chart your cycles

While not really a “home remedy” per say, charting your cycles at home is probably the single most important thing you can do to help improve your fertility.

You should know by now that you can only get pregnant when you are ovulating, and if you don’t know when you are ovulating, how can you get pregnant?

Charting your cycles by taking your basal body temperature each day, or monitoring your cervical mucus or even easier, taking a simple ovulation test can be a great way to know when you are ovulating, giving you a better chance of getting pregnant.

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