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Top 10 Online Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers

COVID has brought many changes over the past two years, and people are now begrudgingly accepting the reality of living with this disease. The biggest impact of this pandemic is seen on the labor market, as it has completely transformed the way people work. Remote working, which began as a preventive measure, has become a new norm and an integral part of our daily lives.

However, there is no doubt that remote working also reduces the interconnectivity of the employees, leading to low productivity for businesses. This is where online collaboration tools come in. Organizations rely on these tools to maintain the same level of connectivity they were used to when everyone was on site. As we edge closer to the mid of 2022, let’s look at some of the best online collaboration tools for remote workers.

Top Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers


Trello is one of the best collaborative tools for teams of all sizes. This project management tool is based on Kanban, a Japanese concept invented in a Toyota factory. This concept helps you manage everything by breaking the tasks into three categories; “To Do”, “Doing” and “Done”.

Trello uses this concept in the form of lists that lets you customize your workflow according to your team’s requirements. You can create cards in these lists, and each card represents a task, providing you with the necessary information. You can move these cards across the lists according to the progress of your project. You can also automate your tasks and turn Trello into anything you want as it is integrated with Jira, Slack, Google Drive, InVision, and more.


nTask is also another ideal tool for maintaining remote team collaboration. This collaboration tool is a full project management solution, enabling your teams to collaborate, plan, analyze and manage daily tasks. nTask can help you streamline your project planning and resource management. It can also help you effectively manage your deliverables.

Similar to Trello, nTask also works on the concept of Kanban. Its Kanban Boards offer more flexibility and increased efficiency. You can also track your work progress with user-friendly Gantt charts. Overall, nTask allows you to improve team communication and maintain work transparency. You can plan, schedule, and manage team meetings with this tool.

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This online collaboration tool is laden with amazing features like website creation, scheduling online meetings, instant payments, and white labeling. It allows you to host interactive HD meetings, add your logo and brand colors to video calls and create meeting rooms. This collaboration tool is ideal for consultants, lawyers, doctors, etc. 3veta also offers convenience by integrating with tools like Gmail, Slack, Stripe, etc.


Slack is one of the most popular online collaboration tools used by millions of people daily. It facilitates team communication by taking an instant messenger approach, creating a sense of involvement no matter where you are located. This tool is ideal for everyday tasks like short team announcements, quick requests, and updates. Slack also streamlines your work by keeping all your vital communication, contacts, and tasks in one place. It also facilitates public and private chats.


Around is another online collaboration tool, ideal for teams who use multiple apps during meetings. With an interface that replicates your workspace, users can attend scheduled meetings and set breakout rooms to work with others.  

Around comes with an AI-based camera that lets you customize your frame. Around is integrated with Slack, which enables you to start meetings with one click.


Remembering multiple passwords can be a bit challenging. 1Password makes this task easier by storing all your passwords in a digital vault. You only need to remember the master password to open the app. This tool allows teams to collaborate effectively and make smarter security decisions. It protects your data and strengthens your defenses.


Basecamp facilitates communication for remote workers. It allows you to link important documents, create rich projects and assign tasks to different team members. You can also track the progress of your work with this tool. You can break your work into separate projects with each project containing related information such as resources working on it, related chats and files, and upcoming deadlines. Basecamp also allows you to set automated recurring prompts for your entire team.


This platform is owned by Microsoft and it is ideal for improving team communication and fostering open work and a friendly environment. This online collaboration tool allows team members to connect with other teams and external stakeholders. Yammer’s simple user interface makes it a user-friendly tool.


Timely is an important collaboration tool for keeping your teamwork visible. It reduces the time reporting by 75% by capturing everything you work on. It also shows remote workers a detailed view of their day, enabling them to manage their capacity and resources needed to complete their work. It keeps all the remote workers updated on the progress of their tasks without interruptions and helps them maintain a healthy work/life balance.


Airtable is an ideal collaboration tool for teams who like to stay organized. This tool is perfect for centralizing and indexing tasks. Its part spreadsheet and part database functionality allow you to organize your work according to your preferences. It makes remote collaboration easier by instantly syncing changes across all devices.

Final Words

Successful remote working is dependent on the right tools and high-speed internet connection. Spectrum Internet Ultra offers reliable connectivity with high speed, enabling you to work seamlessly. On the other hand, collaboration tools keep your business afloat by increasing the connectivity and consequently the productivity of the team members. We hope that our list of online collaborative tools can help you find the best tool according to your requirements.

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