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The utility of product walkthrough

There is immense competition between products and web apps in the modern era. Your favorite tool could be having countless alternatives, that strive to be better than the ones which are provided by your competitors. Though product functionality is a crucial aspect at this era, if you are able to showcase the value of your product to the users you are miles ahead.

In the modern era of product education, a product walkthrough has risen to be on top of the stock. It is one of the best ways to provide your users with an Aha experience.

More about a product walkthrough

Coming to product walkthrough would be providing an interactive experience that would guide the users on a series of steps they need to take for completing tasks within a project.  When done well product walkthrough turns out to be highly effective. When we are providing information it becomes really difficult for a human being to retain that information. Once we are able to complete the tasks on our own we are in a better position to retain that information as a product walkthrough would be able to use that.

It is a lot similar to a user set experience where a series of steps are necessary to be using a product. it could be in the form of setting up an email, uploading a profile pic and the list goes on and on. But they are rated to be separate components as part of the onboarding experience.

A reason for the same is that it is a one-off task that would be developed by a user. So there is no need to retain the knowledge so as to complete the task in a proper way. Coming to the user expectations it would be a lot different for a user. It is obvious that a user is bound to be less patient when it concerns the product by itself.

The steps necessary to be developing a product walkthrough

There are 3 basic steps that would be necessary as part of a product walkthrough to stand apart from the competition

  • Begin with value metrics- a quality product walkthrough would be providing a user with an aha moment. In fact, a product needs to provide value to a user as soon as possible. When that moment would occur would ultimately depend upon a user. Take an example of a social media post, is the value going to happen when you are likely the photo of someone or there could be a photo that may be published by someone else. A product expert needs to dig deep to have an idea of what is going to be a valuable metric for their product
  • Specify the barriers- there is no one who likes to be spoon feed and for some, it could be a waste of time. The process of onboarding has to focus precisely on what is standing between a user and how their value point is going to emerge. It would be necessary to guide the user past such obstacles that is going to require some degree of research and give an idea of where they would be struggling. Such a process does not have to be a time-consuming process.
  • Design- pretty much like the make-up of product attention has to be paid to the design of a product. it is going to make all the difference when it comes to an effective onboarding of the users. A walkthrough has to be developed properly and a user needs to test them properly pretty much like a feature of a product.

It needs to be clear as a user has to be explained how to use the features properly. It is obvious that a user would want to derive the value of a product as soon as possible, so a walkthrough has to be comprehensive and they need to be as short as possible. An interactive walkthrough has to be engaging, and by definition, it would require a user to be completing tasks as soon as possible. Not everyone would be looking to have a walkthrough before they are purchasing a product.


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