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How Much Does a Chimney repair Long Island cost?

Chimney repair Long Island is a prevalent problem, especially in older homes and those with brick chimneys. Leaks may occur in various regions of the chimney and leak into the home’s structure, creating structural concerns, mould development, and other problems. If your chimney is leaking, here’s what you should know about the expense of repairs.

Chimney Repair Costs on Average

done right roofing and chimneying analyses information from over 4,000 homeowner members regularly to give insights into the average costs for widespread home improvements such as fireplace repair. According to national statistics from 2017, homeowners may spend anywhere from $85 to $1,600 on various fireplace repair services.

On average, water leak repairs and the roofline and chimney crown restoration cost $150 and $350. While these estimates provide a fair basis, each repair project is unique. The total cost of chimney leak repairs will be influenced by the amount of damage, the damage location, and choice.

In addition to maintaining the chimney’s construction, many homeowners prefer to invest in enhancements that will ensure the chimney’s functionality for years to come. Many older chimneys (and some newer ones), for example, lack the necessary waterproofing treatments to protect against frequent leak sources. We regularly suggest our siloxane waterproofing treatment at Able Roof. The solution penetrates brick chimneys to provide a water barrier that is smooth, undetectable, and long-lasting.

Chimney Repair’s Unknown Costs

While some chimney repair firms do impose hidden costs, we’re talking about a different sort of hidden expense. Chimney leaks are not always what they appear to be.

The old chimney needs repair.

Some symptoms, such as water stains on ceilings and walls near a chimney, are caused by the roof rather than the chimney. Leaks can travel a few hundred feet from the place of origin to the water stain, diverting homeowners’ attention away from the underlying cause of the problem.

If a roofing professional cannot locate the cause of the leak along with the crown, flashing, or structure of the chimney, they may investigate elsewhere. A roof leak may drastically alter the scope and cost of a renovation. Remember that leaks travel when you observe tell-tale indicators of one.

How Long Should My Chimney Be Expected to Last?

One of the most often asked concerns concerning chimney leaks is how long their chimney should or should not have lasted. Chimney constructions may live anywhere between 15 and 100 years. Longevity is affected by the amount of expertise utilized during building, the materials used, and the conditions/environment. In our experience, chimney crowns break and leak more quickly than the structure and surrounding flashing. The good news is that chimney crowns are simple to repair, providing the leak did not cause significant structural damage.


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