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The Ultimate Information on Car Parts

The car parts comprise several types of equipment, starting with the engine to ending up with the rear suspension. In this article, you will know everything about the car parts and their usage.

Starting with the steering wheel, the steering wheels or the system are attached to the front and back suspension, where a gas-powered car is restored with plenty of host parts for the vehicle’s working as it gets together and powers the car to perform tasks. The steering and suspension systems correlate with different parts of the vehicle and make it easier for you to visualize them.

Different parts and car parts names

Engine, Transmission, Battery, Alternator, Radiator, Front axle, Front steering and suspension, Braves, Catalytic convertor, Muffler, Tailpipe, Fuel tank, Back axle, and rear suspension.

Their uses:

  • Engine – The engine is said to be as soul of the car or any vehicle because the overall running of the car is dependent on the engine, it doesn’t exist in the car then the working of the vehicle is almost unthinkable. The block of the engine’s parts spotlights the camshaft, spark plugs, crankshaft, valves, cylinder heads, and pistons.
  • Transmission – Transmission is known as the gearbox, which is filled with gears and gear convoys that helps in the productive working of the engine torque for changing gears and similarly leverages the vehicle.
  • Battery – A battery in a car or any vehicle is usually used for supplying electric charge to the electric components of the vehicle to perform the task, there without a battery a car or a vehicle won’t work similarly.
  • Alternator – The alternator comes into the electric system as the alternator enables the charging of the battery during the running of the car.
  • Radiator – The radiator assists in keeping the engine cooler by eliminating heat from the coolant as soon as it is pumped rear (back) through the engine.
  • Front Axle – Front axle is included in the suspension system and it is present at the front where the wheel center is connected.
  • Front steering and suspension – The main feature of the Front steering and suspension is to help enhance the ride and sustainability of any car. The systems comprise tie rod ends, struts, ball joints, pitman arms, and a frame steering system.
  • Brakes – Brakes are considered to be one of the major components in four-wheelers. As it comes to protection systems of vehicles, the brakes are found in the wheels of that particular vehicle. The disc brakes are primarily found in front and back wheels which point to brake pad calipers. At the same time, the drum brakes with brakes shoes are seen in the back of vehicles in a few vehicles.
  • Catalytic converter – The catalytic converter helps manage emissions from cars; it alters the hazardous gases and pollutants with less toxic emissions.
  • Muffler – Mufflers keep the tired system stable using baffles and other equipment, which minimize or stifle the noise.
  • Tailpipe – Tailpipe holds up the exhaust fumes which come from the muffler and eliminates them outside the vehicle.
  • Fuel tank – The fuel tank is located on the back axle of the car; the car carries the gasoline which powers the car to run.
  • Back axle – the back axle or rear axle is one of the crucial parts of the suspension system to which the back axle is ascended.
  • Rear suspension – just like the front suspension, the rear suspension also enables making the ride more comfortable and overall handling of the car parts. The systems included equipment like ball joints, coils, springs, and control arms, and also contain CV joints.

car parts

Main parts of the car

Fuel gauge, temperature gauge, Car trip meter, Rev counter, Tires, Fuel tank, License plate, Headlights, steering wheels, Windshield wipers, Trunk, Transmission system, the chassis and are few crucial car parts other than the above parts in a car.


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