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Face Recognition Online’s Most Prominent Use Cases

Over time technologies have evolved and so have the criminals. To exploit benefits all they do is wear a plastic mask and become someone they are not. Whether it is healthcare, security and surveillance, e-commerce, finance, or gaming industries, all have their heads joined to come up with solutions for preventing this menace. Criminals are using encrypted and smart tools to breach data and take advantage. 

However, face identification online is the potential solution businesses need. It is mandatory for them to run KYC and AML screening to verify their customers. AI face recognition is feasible and provides real-time results while ensuring thorough compliance. Alongside, facial identification online minimized chances of error, and prevalent frauds, and ensured secure customer onboarding. As per a study, 86% of customers prefer the use of a face detection system for identity verification. 

Prominent Use Cases of Facial Verification

Every business from around the world can take hold of online available services to seamlessly verify their customer during the onboarding process. Industries can prevent criminals from hindering the identification systems. Some of the prominent use cases of this very technology are as follows

Law Enforcement Agencies

The law enforcement sector is the most crucial as it identifies criminals, retains them, and ensures public security. Therefore, using facial recognition machine learning at check posts and check-ins can help the sector to identify suspicious people within time. If the criminal somehow manages to escape by using a plastic mask, other biometrics like the retina can tighten the ways. Furthermore, law enforcement agencies can match the pictures or videos within the database by using AI-driven services.

Safety and Surveillance

The in-street safety is equally crucial as is the general one. Also, it requires utmost attention. Hence facial verification services are what businesses need. From border checks to onboarding at airports, face verification is the hold-on-to service. As per Reservations, 97% of airports will inculcate facial identification by 2023 because 43% of the respondents approve of the use of this tech. 

E-commerce Businesses

The use of facial recognition machine learning services in the e-commerce industry has made payment ways seamless. All the customers have to do is scan their faces with documents on the platform and their order will be placed. The main benefit of this service is that it has reduced the chances of fraud, fake and illegal orders, and chargebacks. Furthermore, the vendors and retailers can increase customer satisfaction as well as their on-site experience. 

Gaming Industry

Another big target for criminals is the gaming industry. This is so because they can achieve their illicit targets with some effort. To prevent them from performing their malicious acts, the gaming industry can employ face identification online. By this, it can onboard authentic players by verifying them in real-time. Moreover, another point adding to this is the young-aged entering the platforms. But through a face detection system, gaming platforms can restrict the under-aged. 

Healthcare Sector

Patients’ privacy and the safety of their rights is the prime function of the healthcare industry. Minors exploit benefits that are not for them including the use of fake prescriptions. Hence, by employing facial verification services the healthcare sector can onboard authentic patients in real-time and with less hassle. Furthermore, the service restricts unauthorized entries and keeps the databases safe. 

Cryptocurrencies Market

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and so are their exchange platforms. They function with complete anonymity that leaves spaces for criminals to enter and perform malicious acts. Therefore, the crypto-verse needs more than KYC, that is facial verification, to ensure that legit money is traded. So much so, that they can prevent fraud. AI-backed identification services are the solutions. 

Benefits of Face Identification Online

Every passing year, the number of frauds are fluctuating. Thousands of cases are reported by customers from around the world for identity theft. Technology was considered to be the only solution to place gates in criminals’ way. But with the advancement, they have also become sophisticated. Old, slow, and simple methods are way outdated for identity verification. Hence, facial verification has become a key part of the business’s processes as they have largely benefitted from it. 

Below-age Minors’ Protection

The “I am 18+” tick box does not suffice when the industries aim to protect the young-aged from the perils of social verse. It is for them to fill in their elder’s details and onboard the platforms but to restrict them, face verification is a readily available solution. So much so that they can identify the customers and their age in real-time. Ultimately, the data and documents can be cross-checked by identifying the facial features. 

Robust Customer Verification

To verify customers alongside their age, identity, and presence, businesses need robust services that improve the onboarding process. Here, using a face detection system can speed up the verification process. If a sophisticated criminal upload forged documents, the facial verification will identify them in no time. 


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