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The ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ Without Drugs

Many people underestimate the importance of rehabilitation programs. They think they are a waste of time and money and, if somebody wants to de-addict, they can on their own. 


Certain drugs, fentanyl being one of them, are so addictive and dangerous that it requires professional help to de-addict. 

For example, fentanyl withdrawal symptoms are so intense a person would immediately go back to taking the drug to escape from the nasty symptoms. 

It’s more than willpower 

When it comes to going off drugs, it’s more than willpower. It’s also about the way the drugs bind to the brain receptors. So, it’s more of a technical thing than an abstract thing. It is better to let the medical community handle aspects of the brain. Meddling with brain receptors is unwise. 

Addicts have already meddled, by resorting to drugs. Now, when they go off it, they are again meddling with their brain. 

This produces ghastly symptoms that can make any sane person go back to taking drugs. Many people fear going off the drug due to the symptoms. 

How does rehab help?

Rehabilitation centers like the Alaska drug rehab center feature a team of doctors and therapists. Patients are first subjected to detox therapy. Here, doctors may use medications to help the patient wean off from the drug slowly. 

With proper and constant medical care and supervision, they help the patient cope with the withdrawal symptoms. Doctors in rehab may prescribe medications to ease the symptoms. 

This is not possible at home. 

That’s why experts advise against de-addicting at home, especially when you are dealing with dangerous drugs like fentanyl. 

Therapies and counseling sessions 

After successful detox and withdrawal treatment, the patient is subjected to a series of therapies. This helps the freshly recovered addict address emotional issues that led to addiction in the first place. It is important to address co-occurring mental disorders if any. 

Failure to do so can lead to relapse. 

Mental health is important. Millions of people fall victim to drug addiction due to their weak mental health. 

The pursuit of happiness

It’s the pursuit of happiness that leads many a person to take drugs. They believe this will make them happy and help them escape from their troubled reality. It does, but only for a short time. 

It’s like flying off to a cloud nine and then falling down with a thud. 

The more you fly off and fall down, the more you get hurt. Ultimately, you get destroyed. 

Most of the addicts have a troubled past. Many carry a history of abuse, violence, low self-esteem, neglect, and other negative circumstances that led them to resort to drugs like fentanyl. 

Proper counseling and treatment can help people learn to find happiness away from drugs. Centers like Daylight Detox addiction treatment center are famous for helping even the most severely addicted patients. 

In the end, the winner is you, not the drug. 

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