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How to Beat Boredom in a Halfway House?

Many people regard routine as boring. Well, we might get bored at some point in time, doing the same things at the same time every day. Yet, psychological studies, time and again, have proved that routine is beneficial for mental health. Believe it or not, it keeps your brain stimulated and reduces stress. 

That’s the reason why halfway house in Virginia has a routine. This is a place where ex-addicts come to start a sober life. They have undergone detox and other recovery programs. Now, they want some time away from the “real world” to prepare to live soberly. 

For such people, the routine can be a blessing. 

Ex-addicts must re-wire their brains. Routine can help in making their brains adapt to their new life. 

It takes time. You may even fret following the routine initially. But, as your brain gets adapted to it, you become comfortable. Eventually, you start liking it. 

According to psychologists, routine gives us a sense of comfort in a life full of uncertainties. 

An erratic lifestyle with no routine can double the stress on the brain. On the other hand, a lifestyle with a set routine can halve stress. Now, you must worry only about the present problem, if any, and not about when you will eat, when you will wake up, what you will do in the morning, and so on. 

The brain finds it easier to solve life’s problems when it is in routine. 

If you don’t believe this, try it yourselves. 

But how to cope with boredom that may creep into the routine at times? 

Yes, at times, you might feel bored following the same routine. 

For example, in a halfway house, you must wake up and go to sleep at the same time daily. You must eat at fixed times. Therapies, meetings, and workout sessions are on time too. There is a fixed time for recreation. 

Waking up at the same time is beneficial to set the body’s circadian clock. When your body’s in rhythm, it functions well. This means it brings general wellbeing. Would you like to compromise on this? 

Eating on time, say doctors, also aids in promoting health. It keeps your metabolism fit. This means you maintain healthy body weight. 

Now, talking of boredom, an effective way to fight it is to do things differently during your recreation time. 

When you are in a sober living facility, you can fight boredom by pursuing your hobbies, going out for a while, changing your assigned chores (talk to the facility manager about this), and indulging in art and music therapy. These tactics keep your life interesting in the facility. 

Why boredom can be dangerous for recovered addicts? 

According to therapists, feeling bored can make you want to drink or do drugs. That’s what you did before, right? 

This is the reason many reputable houses have recreational facilities for inmates. They also change the therapy sessions. They include interesting therapies. They let inmates go out. Some houses even ask the inmates to find a job. Once you are employed, you hardly have time to get bored. 

The trick to instilling long-time sobriety in yourselves is to keep your mind busy with activities. 

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