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The Best Football Mannequins for Free Kick Practice

There is often a reference to the phrase that “practice is the key to perfection”.

The meaning of this expression is appropriate when it comes to playing football, specifically when I look back on my younger self when I played football on more often as I do today.

In the beginning, the way I was able manipulate the ball repeatedly with precision was due in large part to the numerous target practice sessions with my colleagues, during which we would play games of 6 or 5 aside using stones of the size of bricks for the goal post.

The ability to hit these tiny targets increased my shooting ability without doubt. I also learned to appreciate the passion displayed by pros such as David Beckham, who perfected the art of free kick taking by working out every day.

In this piece I’m going to provide an extensive review of the top football mannequins players can make use of to improve their abilities from dead-ball scenarios.

Based on the vast amount of study I’ve managed do, I’ve narrowed the choices down to a viable three:

FORZA Football Free Kick PVC Reinforced Mannequins

What’s most impressive about FORZA mannequins is the high-quality polyvinyl chloride that they’ve been constructed from designed to withstand the pounding of hits along with a 60-centimetre molded chest plate that gives great protection from those devastating football impact ricochets.

The bright yellow color makes it possible for people to clearly see the free kick dummies throughout the year even in hazy or snowy conditions, where visibility could be low.

In addition, the mannequins come with four steel spikes with integrated design that are thought to increase the stability of the structure and provide security when they are inserted into grass or other soft surfaces.

If you’re a buyer you also have the option of picking between junior and senior mannequins The former comes in at 5’4 inches and 4′, and the latter 6 feet tall.

The kids have also not been exempted, as for the FORZA Football Mini-Free Kick Mannequins stand 4 feet tall, and make the perfect choice for players who are making their first steps into the game.


  • Buyers can choose an individual mannequin or set of three
  • High visibility makes them perfect to use throughout the year.
  • Fantastic build high-end


  • Quite expensive

2. FORZA Spring Back Free Football Mannequin

The FORZA Dummies with set pieces which come in a set of 3 – measure 5 feet tall (1.5 meters) and comprise a durable and lightweight mesh sleeve as well as 2 slalom poles which sit together.

It’s unique in that the mesh sleeves absorb the impact of balls hit against it, and then bounces it back towards the free kick taker that allows them to fine tune their shooting technique from rebound as well as dead ball scenarios.

The slalom poles have springs and also mean it is possible for the fake wall will be flexible enough to slide down to the ground, then spring back up with ease that saves you from having to retrieve the mannequin, as is the case with other traditional designs.

In addition the poles are equipped with spikes on the lower tips, making ideal for grass and other soft surfaces.

The assembly process is also simple installation is only a few minutes. They offer great mobility due to the ability to be put away in a custom bag for storage or transport.


  • Easy assembly because of the metal spikes located on the edges
  • Price point moderate
  • Spring loaded poles remove the requirement to retrieve the mannequin once it was hit by the ball.


  • A few gusts of wind can cause them to fall over in a way that isn’t optimal in any practical sense. It can limit their use to sunny days .

The advantages of football models

The top football mannequins offer numerous benefits that are evident as well, and in this instance I’m going to list some of them.


These items of equipment typically include a solid body structure , and a rubber base, which serves to keep the mannequin securely fixed when it is placed in the dirt.

Since it is the case that the base is generally removable transporting it to other locations of the pitch or to other locations is easy, since the mannequins themselves aren’t heavy to transport.

Other models come with steel spikes that are integrated on the bottom which offer great stability when placed on soft surfaces , such as grass.

The spikes work like candles on birthday cakes and you are able to pluck them out and then move the mannequin to a different area of the pitch in a matter of minutes

Storage is easy and convenient

With football equipment as massive in size it is not uncommon for players to face difficulties in storing it.

The last thing you’d like to do is to leave your mannequin outside in the yard when it’s not being used, since long exposure to sunlight has been proven that polyvinyl chloride can cause it – the substance that mannequins are typically made of to fade in colour.

Since mannequins are slim They are simple to slip between objects such as shelving units and consume only a tiny amount of area on the floor because they are created to replicate the form human form. an obstacle that a free kick takesr must negotiate.

Excellent simulation

Mannequins let players replicate the game’s environment in an actual game.

They can be used to enhance your free kick taking technique by placing 5 or 4 of them in a vertical line , and trying to spin the ball over or under them while you aim towards the open goal which is located right in front of.

But, their application isn’t restricted to free kicks, since you can create simple corner routines too.

One of my most cherished pet peeves is watching fully-fledged professionals struggle to pass the ball over the first person when kicking a corner.

If you set a few mannequins inside the 18-yard and 6-yard boxes You can enhance your corner’s accuracy by targeting them near your corner’s flag.

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