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Batteries are an integral part of any electronic component whether it is for a phone or car, without batteries nothing can work. You probably know, a car battery powers all the electrical components in the car and if your battery is not fully functioning properly then it would affect the overall performance of the car. Taking care of a car battery is essential and effective so that it can run smoothly on the road without any hitch.

A damaged car battery can cost you a fortune and it is one of the top causes for getting breakdowns. Old car batteries may lead to frequent breakdowns no matter how many services you do, it is better to do the car battery replacement before more problem arises in car. This guide will help you to learn how to take care of car battery and to determine whether it is time for car battery replacement or not:-

1. Average years of car battery

Your electronic devices become less efficient every time you charge just like that the car battery starts to deteriorate at a certain point. On average a car battery lifespan is from three to five years and it can go up to five years if you have taken proper care. In three years the car battery becomes inefficient even you use it every day in normal conditions.

At four to five years the batteries become unreliable and have many safety issues, then there is a high chance of you getting stranded in the middle of the road. So it is better to replace the car battery after three to five years.

2. Visual inspection

Whenever you take your car to the garage for regular maintenance always make sure that your car battery is checked. The battery can wear out any time, the car performance can go from 90% to 40% in a month. Testing a car battery is easy and every garage has one electronic tester. With regular tests, you can avoid breakdowns.

Even if your car battery hasn’t shown any signs of wear and breakdown or hasn’t been replaced after three to five years, don’t take any risks. Changing a car battery is the only option to avoid roadside breakdown and low performance.

3. Responsive electrical components

Even with the defective car battery, your car will function properly once it starts running but the car components need significant power to work properly. Have you checked your headlights? Are they dim than before? If yes, then that means your car battery is failing. By applying the accelerator your car headlights will get brighter but they will become dim whenever you slow the speed.

Another way you can check the car battery is to turn the key into ignition or push your car ignition switch, if it won’t start after several tries that means your car battery is dead.

4. Climate conditions

Weather conditions have a huge impact on the car battery. Just like humans get sick due to extreme weather conditions same goes for car batteries. In hot weather, the water in the car battery evaporates which causes corrosion in the battery. In winter, car battery needs enough energy to generate electricity to keep your car running smoothly. So in addition, it puts a lot of strain on the battery.

Due to extreme weather conditions, you might need to consider replacing the car battery more often.

5. Your driving habits

Your driving habits can play an important role in affecting car battery. If you take short trips like daily drive to office and grocery store. Then your battery won’t have enough time to recharge fully between the trips, which can decrease the car performance. Your car sitting idle in the garage for more than a month creates a lot of problems, as it continuously drains the battery even if the engine isn’t on.

6. Other warning signs

While driving you’re driving your car you have probably noticed some of the warnings but don’t remember. Here are some common warning signs to notice and take your car to your nearest repair store.

  • Slow engine crank
  • Bad smell
  • Corroded wires
  • Bloated battery case
  • Engine light is on


The lifespan of the car battery depends upon the car and its condition. Leaving your car air conditioner and lights on when you are not driving can lead to serious battery drain of your car. Make sure that your car battery is free of dust and rust. Remember these tips and if you have noticed any above-mentioned points then it is high time to do car battery replacement services to your nearest garage.


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