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How to understand if your glutes are growing?

What are glutes?

The strongest and largest muscle group in our body is the glutes. Glutes are commonly known as butt or hips. Strong glutes are helpful in the mobility of the hip, movement of the pelvic and provides support to the lower back.

Why does the maximum of the population have weak glutes?

The maximum population tends to have weaker glutes as they keep sitting on hips or glutes all day long. This in turn puts pressure on hips and hip flexors are flexing continuously, which makes the muscle of the body tight and shortened. 

Signs your glutes are growing

1. Comparison of Before and After Pictures

The best way to monitor changes is by taking a picture before. One may not be able to notice changes on an immediate basis by looking at the mirror, but if someone clicks a picture and compares it, then definitely the difference can be spotted.

2. Tight Pant

Once if one’s glutes start growing then the pants tend to become tighter. The waist fitting tends to change which is a sigh of relief as your work-outs and sweat is doing wonders.

3. Measuring Inches

One of the most common ways of monitoring the changes in the glutes through measuring the inches and comparing them with previous ones.

How to grow your glutes?

Doing squats

Doing squats in the gym is the best way to flex your muscles. Squats focus on breaking the main muscle tissue which is required for muscle growth. Doing excess of anything is harmful in the same way if excess of squats is done then it flexes the muscle too much which could lead to injury.

High Calory intake

If one tends to have more calories then it is helpful so that person good burn out more in the workout. It is suggested to have high calories supplements or food during squats as the muscle is required to be on that kind of diet.

Avoiding or No Cardio

Cardio is great for health but it is used basically for reducing fat and muscle. If someone is doing cardio then the person tends to loosen the muscle which in turn will result in smaller glutes instead of growing them.

High Protein Requirement

More protein is required when glutes growing is required. As the protein increased in the body, they fill up to make muscle blocks which helps in joining all the muscle breaks.

Training for Glutes

One must train twice a week for glutes to grow. It is advisable to do a workout with gaps as it gives time to the muscle to heal and become stronger. Doing it twice results in muscle not forgetting the tension. Initially, it is recommended to do it once a month as over straining your body by hitting the gym could cause injuries.

Ample Rest Required

When focusing on growing glutes one must take ample rest. This rest results in giving the muscle the necessary relaxation. Taking rest does not only imply bed rest but also taking gaps from muscle workouts.

Some Glutes growing workouts:

Squats: Best for building stronger glutes and quads.

Hip thrust: it helps in giving strength to the hips and spine.

Donkey Kicks: it helps in strengthening the quads

Natural Errors Made while Focusing on Growing Glutes?

Quad Dominance:

Excess of quad exercise tends to affect adversely. Too much of it is done then the glute muscle is unable to get the necessary movement to help it grow. If you compare and notice that the quad muscle is stronger than the glutes, then it can be modified by increasing or doing certain glutes exercises.

Proper Posture:

Doing the exercises and following all the things to T but if during exercises the posture is not correct then it may adversely impact the body and may cause more harm than good. It could lead to unnecessary injuries.

Rushing Reps:

While focusing on growing glutes if someone rushes with the exercises it puts the body under pressure and does not give ample time to rest and absorb the movement. 

Glutes are the most powerful muscle group in anyone’s body. To spur a change in it to grow, one must challenge it to grow. Stop waiting and start understanding if your glutes are growing.


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