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We live in a capitalist society. And money, especially the idea of being so rich that you don’t even need to think about money. And you know what love is besides money? And the CEO romance novels are full of some thrills, drama, and twists and turns.

The CEO’s romance novels weave all of these elements together into a single story. 

So for all the romance readers who love to read about big bank accounts, luxurious means of transportation, and a potential dash of emotional unavailability, this long list of CEO romance novels will provide enough tips to keep you busy for a while. 

 CEO Romance Novels, Which One Is the Best?

THE DEVIL WEARS BLACK ( 2021 ):By L. J. Shen

Maddie Goldbloom put together a plan to make sure everything in her life was perfect from a career in fashion to a chic NYC apartment to a pediatrician’s boyfriend. What results is a chain of stories that splits in Maddie’s life – and when Chase’s difficulties come down, they are both required to face reality. They say keep your enemies close. But what if your opponent is also the fellow you love?

TWISTED LOVE ( 2021 ): By Ana Huang 

His brother’s best friend. His neighbor. His savior and his downfall. Their love is a love that should never have happened, but when it does, it uncovers secrets that can destroy both of them… and everything they hold dear. Twisted Love is a brother’s best friend / attracts romance with a hint of opposite suspense. This is a book in the Twisted series but can be read as a standalone.

OFF THE CUFF ( 2021 ): 

I spilled a cup of coffee on the chairman of the takeover. he deserves it. Not the most brilliant idea, but I had a diseased day, and now he is getting back to me. I have to be his assistant for nine weeks, and there is nothing I can do about it. This is a punishment. I wish he was not so good-looking. If only my imaginations didn’t invade our arguments. Everything is off the cuff, in which he has me pinned to the wall. Now he wants something more from me. A Date. There’s only one problem – he doesn’t know I have a child.

UNSUITABLE (2020): By Vee, Keeland 

was terminated for inappropriate behavior. I could not believe the letter in my hands. nine years. Nine years I worked my butt off for one of America’s biggest companies, and when I returned home from Aruba for a week, I was fired with a form letter. But there was no way for my boss to tussle with the boss’s boss. Even though he was ridiculously gorgeous, confident, and charming. This would be completely wrong, inappropriate as well. Like the video that got me in trouble in the beginning.

GRAVITY (2020): By Sara Kate 

Three months on a private island. Two men. A million dollars. I only have to tame Nash Wilde. It has been two years since my sister and her boyfriend were killed in a plane crash. The last person I was expecting to show at my door was his father, Alistair Wilde. On the island, there’s no one to tell us it’s wrong. I know that before breaking this family I have to choose. Although I refer to both of them – the whole of them has my body. The other has my heart.

EHSAAN (2020): By Susan Wright 

Vienna Stratton knew that only herself was to blame for that. You never let yourself become indebted to someone like Dan Davenport, no matter how much you need his help. As his assistant, she was well aware that globally successful CEOs were ruthless and unforgiving. He awakened your every need and imagination. He can also love you. Mature topics are included.

WRONG/RIGHT MAN (2020): By Aurora Rose Reynolds 

Braxton Adams has been said some pieces in his life, but the cheat was not one of them. It all changes when he is approached by a beautiful woman who thinks she is there to meet him on a date. Maybe he shouldn’t have lied. Maybe he should have clarified. But in the end, it doesn’t matter, because now he has to prove that he is not the wrong man but the right one. So what if he’s not the man she’s been expecting? that’s what he’s been waiting for.

BURY ME WITH LIES (2020): By S.M. Soto 

When the mysteries unravel and the lie becomes a twisted betrayal, Mackenzie finds herself in far greater danger than she could have realized. Her only saving grace is Baz, the elusive playboy to whom she has given her heart. But would trusting a man like an eagle be his downfall?

Here the is giving you good tips for buying the best CEO Romance Novels, as they are ranked by readers everywhere. Featuring a new billionaire romance novel and best-selling classics of 2020, 2021, this list of the most popular billionaire romance books includes fan-favorites of authors. Billionaire romance books usually feature rich and powerful men who hide dark secrets. Must-read billionaire romance novel.


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