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| Help the people |Crime Victim Pakistan Service

Crime victim Pakistan is an organization that provides services to solve a social issue. Our mission is to provide services for all kinds of problems that people are facing in daily life.

We provide service to needy and helpless people and provide core values. Intent to support the victim of any sort of crime.

The Crime Victim Services Pakistan conducts different services

Legal Service

In the legal service crime victim providing cybercrime, divorce case, debt recovery, Criminal, e-commerce employment, environmental, human rights, income tax returns, taxation even related each and all human rights to resolved by legal service.

Medical Services

In our medical service we treat all kind of the patient which are suffering from different kinds of disease. our aim is to work on health promotion, Rehabilitation, and disease prevention.

Psychological Services

In our social circle many people are suffering from Psychological issues like Anxiety and Depression.

the victim need to counseling.

our psychologists are provided services. such as Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss anger management, and chronic pain management and more other psychological issue.

Physical Services

Our Physical Services include the following areas:

  • Security Services
  • Document Verification
  • Background Check
  • Character Verification
  • Surveillance of cheating spouse
  • Process Server

The crime victim services Pakistan running current projects at CVSP

  • Serenity Homes
  • Beautician Course
  • Rickshaw Drive

Our aim to provide

The Right to Life

The Right to Live in Dignity

The Right to Justice

The Right to Equal Protection of the Law

The Right of Choice

The Right of Free Expression

The Right to Privacy

The Right of Property

The Right to Basic Necessities of Life

The Right to Revolt

Success Stories

The victim who are supported by crime victim Service Pakistan. So here some sharing with you top success stories. 

1.A 13-year-old Christian girl was reportedly converted to Islam and married to a Muslim managed around 50. The man was not allowing her to go back to her parents.

2.It is heard that today the High Court ordered that the girl be shifted to a shelter home immediately. Hats off to Tasleem. Gulshan Coordinator South Punjab Crime Victim Services Pakistan. Naina Samson Regional Manager Crime Victim Services Pakistan for playing your role.

3.A widow and her children in butkhela Malakand were dispossessed by her ex brother in law whose close relative is serving as a Lower Court Judge. Legal proceedings are now against both oppressors underway.

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