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How To Choose A Wireless Charger For Your Phone

A wireless charger can be really convenient. Just keep your phone on the charging pad, and the battery starts charging like magic. They have been around for a while, but they didn’t gain the popularity we expected. They were either too expensive, and there were myths surrounding them. That’s not the case anymore. If your phone and other devices support wireless charging, they can be charged using a single charging dock. This means, no hassles of carrying multiple chargers and cables for every device.

Charging a phone with a wireless charger is easy, but choosing a charger that best suits your phone can be tricky. There are several facts to consider before buying a wireless charger from a quality shop.   

How does wireless charging work?

Before we get to the topic of choosing a wireless charger, let’s quickly understand how they work. Wireless charging works on the principal of inductive charging. A wireless charger has coils which creates an electromagnetic field when an electric current is passed through them. Once the receiving plate on the mobile device comes in contact with the wireless charger, the magnetic field generates an electric current within the device. This is then converted into direct current (DC) which in turn charges the phone.

Choosing the right standards

Wireless charging works on a couple of standards, but the most common one is Qi (also pronounced as “Chee”). The Qi standard is adopted by most of the phone manufacturers which include Samsung and Apple. A good quality Qi charger has an over-voltage and overcharge protection, making them safe to use. You may also notice your phone gets a little warm while charging it wirelessly. This shouldn’t be a concern as most of these chargers have temperature control protection to counter overheating issues. Make sure you check the specifications on your mobile phone, before purchasing a wireless charger.

Choosing the right wattage

The second most important thing you should be looking at is the power output (wattage). Wireless chargers usually range between 5 to 10 Watts. Phones like the iPhone 8 or recently announced iPhone X series supports 7.5W. Currently, iPhones do not come with fast charging support through wireless chargers but there are several other devices such as the Note 8 and the Note 9 which support them. With a good wireless charging pad, it is equally important to have good charging adapters and cables. Most of the good quality wireless chargers bundle a wall adaptor along with USB cable.

A phone having support for higher wireless charging wattage can be also charged by using a low (5W) wattage charger. However, they may have slow charging speeds. To be futureproof, one can always look for a charger having support up to 10W.

Choosing the right design

Wireless chargers come in different sizes and shapes. Some chargers have a pad design which can be circular in shape, while some may have stand designs. No matter what the design, it is important for them to have a good grip that firmly holds the phone on the charging surface. Most chargers have LEDs to indicate the charging status. There are also models which can fit up to two phones and a smartwatch so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

A wireless charger can even charge your phone with a case on it, provided that it is not a metal or it isn’t very thick. That said, a Qi charger should easily work with any leather, silicon or similar non-metallic material having a thickness of 3mm or less.

Making the final decision

There are several brands that build wireless chargers. Brands such as Belkin are pioneers in wireless charging technology, among other accessories. USA’s best e store will give you  interesting options to consider if you are looking for a wireless charger with an elegant design. Besides Belkin, Samsung have their own set of wireless chargers with fast charging capabilities. If you are on a budget, you can also consider the Reconnect wireless charger which is available at a fraction of the price, still offering the same reliability and features.

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