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SEE Result 2079 Check Class 10 NEB Result with Grades

If you’re looking for your SEE result, but don’t know where to go to check it, don’t worry! We’ve compiled some ways to find your SEE results, including websites, SMS providers, and IVR services. Keep reading to find out how to check your SEE result 2079. Read on to find out how to check SEE results today!

SEE Examination National Examinations Board (NEB)
Exam Year 2079
Exam Date April 2022
Result Date July 2022 (approximate)
Result website
Result site SEE result 2079

To check your SEE result 2079 marksheet, you’ll need your symbol number and name.

How To Check SEE Result 2079 with Marksheet

If you’re wondering how to check SEE result 2079, you’ve come to the right place. There are many ways to find out if you’ve passed the exam. 

SEE Result website


To check the SEE result online, you need your symbol number and date of birth.

Best Websites to check SEE Result

  1. National Examination Board: www neb gov np
  2. Secondary Examinations Board: www see gov np
  3. Nepal Telecom SEE result: see ntc net np

After you’ve entered your date of birth and symbol number, the website will display the results. You can also download a PDF copy of the result and keep it on your computer or mobile phone. The result can also be printed out for future reference. Ensure that you keep three to four copies of the result for reference. You can also download a copy of the scorecard. Just keep these two documents close to your computer or smartphone for easy access. 

This website provides information on the last five years’ SEE examination. The result will also be available on Ncell’s website.

SMS Method


To check the result by SMS method, you should know your symbol number.

There are many SMS providers that publish the results. However, there’s a quick method that’s easy to use: NTC SMS.

The SEE Result can be checked through SMS by dialing the symbol number. The result is available in the SMS. The quickest and most convenient method to check SEE results is through SMS. Here is a guide to check the results. Follow the steps given below. Once you know your SEE symbol number, type it in the SMS box and send it to 1600.

If you are not aware of the SEE symbol number, you may look up the results on your entrance card.


Simply enter your SEE symbol number into the field and send it to 1600 and you will be given the results.

The SEE result is published for students who have completed grade ten. This exam evaluates the students’ grade point average (GPA), which ranges from zero to four. If you have low grades, it will be difficult to study well. Therefore, you should check the result immediately to avoid further complications. The SEE result is published in June. The last week of Ashar is the date when the result will be published.

IVR Method

You can also use the NTC’s IVR services to find your results. One of the most convenient ways is to dial 1600 and enter the symbol number. Once you put your symbol number, it will give you your result. You may also get it through the landline phone. 

When is SEE result 2079?

The results of the SEE 2079 exam will be published in the last week of Ashar.

The Office of the Controller of Examination (OCE) publishes the SEE results in two to three months after the exam. The new grading system reflects students’ ability and helps them direct them to the appropriate subjects for their grade 11 studies. Traditionally, SLCs were based on marks and mark sheets. In recent years, however, the SEE results have been based on grades.

As we mentioned before, SEE is a crucial test to pass in order to enter college. A good score in SEE can open up thousands of doors. Good results will allow you to get into top colleges and earn lots of money. In today’s highly competitive world, a good score will put you ahead of your competition. By studying hard in SEE, you can secure a seat in your desired college.

Whether you’re waiting for your SEE results or you’re just curious about how you did in the exams, you can find out with these easy steps. SEE, or Secondary Education Examination, results are released in June/July each year. The marks obtained in the exam are categorized into five grades. 

The results are based on your actual marks, which are then converted to a GPA. If you scored between 90 and 100 marks, you’ll receive an A+. If you scored between 80 and 89, you’ll earn a B. In comparison, if you scored between 60 and 69, you’ll receive a C+. If you scored between 30 and 39, you’ll receive a D+. You can check the updated SEE Result 2079 grading.

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