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Scope of Gaming Industry in the Middle East

All the industries have faced an economic setback because of pandemics, but do you know that the only industry that flourished in the toughest time of lethal pandemics is the gaming industry. People that are not fond of playing games also become avid players. Do you want to know why? This is because, in the lockdown situation, the only cheap indoor activity is playing games. As people like to purchase products and services from a website that is translated into their native language. In the same way, people like to download and play games that are translated into their native language. Therefore, to penetrate any foreign country as a game developer, you must go for video gaming translation services.

Approximately, 7139 languages are spoken around the globe.  Don’t panic. You don’t have to translate the games into all the languages. First, you have to see the target market of the country and analyze it. For instance, you will not find more gamers in Farsi-speaking countries like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Iran. Therefore, going for Farsi translation services is not a rational option. You need to translate your games in the languages that are spoken in lucrative gaming markets.

Gaming Industry in the Middle East

The Middle East Gaming Market is exponentially growing. It is projected that this market will grow at a rate of 13.88% from 2022 till 2027. The breakout of COVID-19 is also a cause of significant growth and increased use of online gaming services. Many gaming vendors took advantage of this market situation and provided many offers and wave off their fees on the gaming services.

The gaming industry is thriving in the UAE because people are investing in hometown-growing talent and games. The UAE market is very diverse as compared to markets of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.  Therefore, you don’t have to spend money on professional Farsi translation services. The UAE consumer spends USD 115 per year on games.

The proliferation of cellphones and the trend of online games is a driving factor in the growth of the gaming industry. It is also expected that the emergence of AR-based apps and games will boost the gaming industry’s growth in the projected period. Arabic is the most spoken language in the UAE. Therefore, to avail of the growth opportunities, you must translate your games into the Arabic language.  Arabic translation services will assist you in this regard.

 The Saudi Arabian government is investing a large amount of money in amusement spaces and theme parks. Therefore, the trade visitors and entertainment stakeholders can attend tech conferences to gain knowledge and have hands-on experience on innovative technology.

Saudi Arabia has also held an esports event to raise a USD 10 million prize fund to combat the economic turmoil of COVID-19. Around 70% of Saudi Arabia’s population which is under the age of 30 years consists of 20 million avid gamers that are growing the gaming industry exponentially. If you want to get leverage from such statistics, then you must go for Arabic translation services so that more and more Saudi people can download your game and get a pleasant user experience.

The use of cell phone games has also enhanced in the last couple of years. In the UAE only, people play mobile video games for an average of 20 to 40 minutes per day. The increased use of mobile games is the result of innovative technology that is VR, AR, 5G, and cloud gaming. This technology is also impacting the hyper-casual game genre.

Augmented reality is providing a user-friendly interface to gamers. People can immerse themselves in the games and get a real feeling. However, they can’t get this feeling if you take the assistance of certified Arabic translation services for your games.

Emergence of E-Sports

Esports is becoming the latest trend in the gaming market. It is also driving the growth of gaming in the Middle East. It is expected that E-sports gaming will continue to flourish in years to come.

Activision’s fund worked with Saudi Telecom Company and came up with dedicated servers in Jeddah and Riyadh. Additionally, the Riot Games which is the outcome of the League of Legends used Middle East servers for the Valorant game released in October 2020.

Kuwaiti telecom which is Zain Group with total customers of 50 million across the MENA region has launched the eSports brand. This brand is called Zain Esports. It is responsible for developing the calendar for regional online eSports tournaments.

Furthermore, Dubai is planning to build an eSports stadium and for this venture, the South Korean-based International Esports Federation has signed an MoU with the UAE, s Motivate Media Group. The purpose of this agreement is to expand and promote eSports in the Middle East.  

Wrapping Up

The Middle East Gaming market is competitive with many regional and global players. These players have their shares in the gaming market, and they want to target a global audience. For this reason, they are doing research and development and are adopting the latest technologies to stay competitive in the gaming industry. With all this, they also need to translate the games into the language that gamers understand. If you want to tap into the UAE gaming market, then you have to translate your games into the Arabic language.

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