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How to Fix Error SIM Not Provisioned MM#2?

A SIM card is a very important thing for a mobile phone as you cannot perform any function on your mobile without a SIM card. You cannot make calls, send messages or even use the internet on your mobile phone if you do not have a SIM card on your mobile phone and this is why it is very problematic when you face issues with your SIM card. In this guide, we are going to tell you about the Sim not provisioned mm#2 error and what can you do to fix this issue on your mobile phone. 

What does SIM not Provisioned MM#2 means?

So before we tell you solutions that you can use to fix your issue, you should know what does sim not provisioned mean. Simply, you can understand that this means that your SIM card is not able to connect with the carrier network or is no longer able to share information with the mobile network provider. You can try some simple methods to fix this error on your mobile phone and get your SIM back to its proper functioning. 

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix SIM not provisioned MM#2

You can try any one of them when you face a simcard not provisioned mm#2 error. 

  • Restart your Phone

The simplest method that you can try to fix your issue is to restart the mobile phone. You might think that this is not a very useful method but let me tell you that restarting your mobile phone forces your SIM card to look for the mobile network provider and establish a new and fresh connection.

  • Check SIM card placement

If restarting the mobile phone is not helpful for you then, you should see whether you have inserted the SIM card correctly. If the SIM card is not correctly placed in its slot then, you will face this error as the SIM card will not be able to connect with your mobile phone. Open the slot and carefully enter the SIM card again after wiping it. 

  • Check if the card is activated

If you have gotten a new SIM and then you are facing this error then, the issue can happen because your SIM card might not be activated. You need to ask your service providers whether the SIM card is activated or not and if it is not then wait for that to happen and then insert the Sim.

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