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Resolution for Email Login Problems

Windstream email login problems are common, and they can happen at any time in the day. Windstream is an American telecommunications company, which serves its customers with the phone, high-speed internet, and digital television services. The company was established in 2006. Its headquarters is located in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. It has nearly 1 million subscribers.

The company also provides its users with email services. But sometimes users face login issues while trying to access their Windstream email account. If you are facing any sorts of issues while accessing your email account, then there is nothing to worry about! We have given below some simple steps that you can follow to resolve your problems.

Causes with Resolution of Email

1. Browser Troubles: 

Sometimes users come across compatibility issues with a browser which results in them being unable to access their Windstream account from there, try a different browser. If a particular browser is not responding properly, you may need to try another one. Some browsers that you can consider are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

2. Conflicting Programs: 

You need to see if there are any conflicting programs running in the background on your system. If there are, then try closing them down before attempting Windstream email login.

3. Unstable Internet Connection: 

The problem could also lie within your network or the Internet connection itself. You may want to check whether the problem lies within your Internet connection or not by simply trying to connect to another website or service provider.

4. Ad Blocker in Browser

if you’re using adblock on your browser, you should disable it for the time being. The reason behind this is that sometimes ad blocker doesn’t allow certain scripts to run and hence, the email account doesn’t load properly. So, first of all, try disabling the ad blocker and then reloading your email account. If that fixes the issue, then you can enable it again after doing whatever is necessary.

5. Incorrect Login Credentials: 

If you have forgotten the password or username of your email account, you can easily retrieve them by using the Forgot Password/Username link on the login page. If you are sure that you have entered the correct password and username, make sure that both of them are case-sensitive.

6. Incorrect Server Settings: 

Since configuring server settings can be kind of tricky, we recommend using our email configuration tool to make sure everything is set up properly. If you still cannot log in after following the instructions on the tool, you may need to check with Windstream for more specific instructions for your particular email software or you can enter the below server details.

Incoming Email Server:

  • (POP3)
  • (IMAP)
  • Outgoing Email Server:
  • Port 25 or 587 (TLS enabled)

7. Configuration Error: email users may experience trouble logging into their Windstream email accounts when they have not configured their devices correctly. To fix the configuration error on the Windstream email, You must ensure that you don’t have any kind of security software installed on your computer system. If yes, then you should disable it temporarily and try logging in to your Windstream email account again. You should also check if you are entering the correct username and password for signing into your Windstream account or not.

  • Account: ‘accountname’
  • Server: ‘’
  • Protocol: SMTP
  • Port: 25
  •  Secure(SSL): No
  • Socket Error: 10060
  • Error Number:0x800CCC0E

SMTP Authentication: SMTP Authentication, often abbreviated SMTP AUTH, is an extension of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol whereby an SMTP client may log in using an authentication mechanism chosen among those supported by the SMTP server. It allows sending emails from a mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook even if they use a different mail provider than the server doing the sending.

  • server settings for Windstream Internet are
  • port 587 and TLS encryption.
  • Go to the Incoming Server Settings and choose IMAP with port 993 and SSL encryption.

For more info, you may visit the Emailsdesk website for more.

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