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Messaging Administrator: Job Responsibilities, Salaries, and How to Become One through Microsoft MS-203 Exam

Technical professionals play a critical role within an organization. That’s why if you’re targeting a particular job role, you need to comprehend the types of skills you need and how to acquire them. Companies need professionals who can team up with others to ensure enhanced productivity and efficiency of their business. When it comes to becoming a Messaging Administrator, there are particular skills expected of you. 

This guide is developed to help you understand who a Messaging Administrator is, the job responsibilities associated with this role, the expected salary, and how to become one through the Microsoft MS-203 test. Keep reading to benefit from the information.

Who Is a Messaging Administrator?

Messaging Administrators are professionals who deal with Microsoft 365. Their work covers deployment, configuration, management, and troubleshooting. It also involves monitoring recipients, threat protection, compliance, and mail flow within an enterprise hybrid and cloud environment. 

What Are the Job Responsibilities of a Messaging Administrator?

The job responsibilities of a Messaging Administrator may vary from one organization to another. But, generally, some of the responsibilities you can perform at your place of work as a Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator include:

  • Administering accounts for Microsoft 365
  • Managing hybrid configuration
  • Managing role-based authorizations
  • Managing message hygiene
  • Securing the messaging environment 
  • Managing email and instant messaging
  • Managing mail boxes for recipients
  • Managing client access
  • Managing and troubleshooting mail flow

As a Messaging Administrator, you’ll be cooperating with the Enterprise Administrators to ensure the solution satisfies the business requirements of your organization. Your working knowledge should include authentication types, licensing, as well as integration with applications associated with Microsoft 365. 

How Can You Become a Messaging Administrator with the Microsoft MS-203 Exam?

The Microsoft MS-203 test leads you into comprehending and mastering four skill areas. These are as follows:

  • Managing organizational settings as well as resources
  • Planning as well as managing the architecture for mail transport
  • Planning and executing configuration & migration of a hybrid nature
  • Securing the environment for messaging

These skills covered in the MS-203 evaluation prepare you to become a Messaging Administrator. Your level of competency will be checked through an English evaluation consisting of 40 to 60. It’s 120 minutes long and costs $165, though the region you’re coming from will be considered while determining the fee you’ll be paying. On acquiring 700 points and more, you get access to an associate-level certification called Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate. 

Passing the MS-203 test needs prior preparation using applicable resources. You can opt for official tutor-guided training, free online official training, study books, YouTube tutorials, and exam dumps.

How Much Is the Salary of a Messaging Administrator?

A Messaging Administrator who works with Microsoft 365 and has cleared the MS-203 test can earn a salary starting from about $25k to about $163k. This information has been recorded by which also indicates the average pay for the same professional to be about $91k yearly.


Attaining professional skills of any nature is a process that you must devote yourself to if you want to succeed. To reach the position of a Messaging Administrator, the process includes passing the Microsoft MS-203 exam and being accredited. So, if this is the kind of job role you’re thinking of pursuing, you already know what it entails. You also have learnt how to get there. Begin your journey professional right away!


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