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A Defense For Audiobooks- Why You Should Start Listening


Ask any ardent book lover, and they will kind of scooch their nose with the thought of an audiobook.

Yes, you do not have a copy of the hardbound leather cover book to keep in front of you. But, let us face it, not all of us will be able to afford it. So, we listen to audiobooks.

However, some feel it makes you less scholarly to listen to audiobooks and that it is an escape for someone who doesn’t like to read.

‘Why should I listen to audiobooks when I can pick up the book and turn the pages.’

Well, we do not know who you are, but certainly, that’s not true. We have even seen bestselling writers talk about how great audiobooks can be and why they shouldn’t be.

So, if you are someone who doesn’t believe in audiobooks and you are a little skeptical. This excerpt is in defense of audiobooks.

Not Every Book Has An Audiobook

Yes, it is true; not every book has an audiobook. This is the biggest counter defense that we have heard from readers. But there is no harm in trying to find out a few of them, right?

Now almost every new writer is trying to bring an audiobook version of their published work because of how helpful they can be. On the other hand, there are organizations and volunteering parties that are willing to record old classics for you.

By now, you can find many old classics over the internet for your pleasure listening. 

However, if you are still not willing to pay a certain sum because of these audiobooks, you can find them for free on our favorite torrent website

So, why not give audiobooks a fair chance.

In Their Defense

Here are some of the mind-blowing reasons why audiobooks are the best.

1. Anytime Anywhere

You can read these books anytime, anywhere. You do not have to carry your heavy book and take time out to find a peaceful place without any noise to catch up on your reading.

You can simply sit on a bus or a plane ride and listen to an entire audiobook. Put it at full volume, and the soothing voice will do all the noise canceling.

2. Finishing Books Quicker

If you check the total timing of any audiobook, it is almost 6 to 10 hours. So, if you are given one hour each day, you will be finishing an entire book in just six days. No more sitting with a book for a month.

Now, you can finish that big pile of books on your shelf quicker. 

3. Most Effective Way To Remember

When you hear something, you remember it better. It is probably the oldest trick in the world.

So, if the book is for an assignment, you can answer more questions with a memory of the audiobook than by reading it and making margin notes. 

4. ADHD Relief

Sometimes individuals who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder cannot concentrate on a book for too long. Audiobooks are the best solution to this problem.

Bow, they do not have to be frigid with the book anymore. They can simply listen to an audiobook while doing some other chores and finish all their reading list. 

5. Better Understanding

When someone is recording an audiobook, they are not reading it out loud like a robot. There are emotions involved in every line they speak. Some recordings can even have different voices for different characters.

All of a sudden, you are in the story, and you understand it so much better. 

6. Supports Multitasking

Some people give this neverending excuse that they are avid readers but are unable to give time to their books.

Then why don’t you simply download an audiobook?

It will support your multitasking, as you do not have to sit in a place; you can simply cook your meal or do your laundry while you listen to the story.

7. Better Sleep

Sometimes we just want to get transported to our children when our parents read us bedtime stories to help us sleep.

So, if there is a book that you have already read, you can still download them and listen to them until you fall asleep.

It will induce better sleep.


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