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5 Ways To Make Your Custom Shipping Boxes More Branded

In this digitized world, people are more likely to search for the product or service they want to buy and love online shopping. This is why the brands and e-commerce businesses are trying hard to give their customers a memorable experience whenever they purchase. The success of a business depends on developing and maintaining long term relations with its customers so that they will shop time and time again. From a strong online presence to great branded custom shipping boxes, every business or brand needs to pay attention to every point because even the most minor level gives the brand’s image. Both brands and eCommerce businesses focus on shipping boxes or moving boxes to give their customers a great packaging and unboxing experience.

Why Great Packaging And The Unboxing Experience Is Essential?

In the eCommerce business, the packaging is the first thing and a tactile experience a customer has with the brand. It conveys the brand’s message and values and makes the first impression. So, every brand needs to make an impressive first impression and wants to give their customers a memorable experience in this challenging environment. So, brands need to book boxes for branded shipping to make a good impression.

Secondly, customer satisfaction is the primary concern, and surveys show that only 11% of the customers (who shop online) are delighted with the packaging. So, branded packaging will help in retaining the customers.

Use Of Shipping Boxes in E-Commerce

Moreover, the surveys revealed that 4 in every ten eCommerce share the picture of their order on social platforms if it came in unique packaging or gift like the box. It is the best and easy way to get noticed, advertise and attract more customers.

It shows how premium packaging or great custom shipping boxes affect customer behaviour. Check out these five simple and easy ways to make your custom shipping boxes more branded that will indeed create a memorable unboxing experience for your brand.

1. Custom boxes with random repeat print

The custom printed boxes with the brand name or logo promote your brand while giving your customer a fantastic unboxing experience. Consider using custom boxes covered with your branding, i.e. brand name, logo or brand colours, make them more interesting than the blank brown boxes. The packets having a random repeat company name or logo look pretty and require a little work on your company side.

2. Custom tape

If a printed shipping box is not your choice, then the custom tape with your brand name or logo is excellent. From printing the brand logo or name to choosing the colour of tape, there are so many options. The most popular style or designs include custom shipping tape with rustic logos, minimal, handwritten logos, and elegant or clean or quirky logo designs. Add more fun by using coloured tape, the colour representing your brand.

3. Custom ribbon

Using custom ribbon in packaging is an excellent way of branding. Tie the box with a custom ribbon printed with your logo or brand name. It will not only make your shipping box more branded, but it will also give customers a fantastic gift-like unboxing experience.

4. Color For Your Shipping Boxes

Colour is another best way to make custom branded boxes. Simple book boxes for shipping in a colour that is close to or similar to your brand colour. The coloured boxes look beautiful, and there is no need to print the company name or logo because the box’s colour will represent the brand or company. You can also use the same coloured tissue paper to wrap the product to add more fun. Many e-commerce businesses use coloured moving boxes in the UK and worldwide because it is a very simple and effective branding trick.

5. Inserts

Packaging inserts are one of the best ways to make the shipping more branded. These are proven to increase profit, customer loyalty and repeat purchases. It can be a sample, discount, gift, business card, or handwritten thank you note. It is a cost-effective and versatile way of building relations and retaining customers. So, don’t forget to add packaging insert in the UK and worldwide shipping boxes.

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