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Window Coverings – Are Window Curtains Better Than Blinds?

Window Coverings – Blinds and curtains both have their advantages and disadvantages, and they are largely dependent on the type of window covering you choose. Blinds have their own advantages and disadvantages, and we will cover the pros and cons of each in this article. But before we get to the pros and cons of blinds and curtains, let us talk about safety issues. Blinds with cords are particularly dangerous, especially if they are older and still have their cords. can be tangled by kids, adults can step on them, and pets can pee on them. Hence, they are not ideal unless they are short and attached to the wall.


Blinds and curtains are usually the same prices, but a window covering with a higher price tag can be cheaper. Curtains and blinds can both cost about the same amount, but a custom-made one will run you between $200 and $2,500. Curtains cost more to make and install than blinds, but they also add privacy and can complement the interior design of a room. Blinds are cheaper because they can be purchased at a discount store or online, while curtains require more time to install.

The cost of a curtain depends on several factors, including the size of the window, the number of windows, and the location. The cost of curtains will also increase if you opt for those with high-quality brackets. Large-sized curtains will require extra hands and brackets, making them even more expensive. However, these disadvantages are offset by the fact that blinds are usually easier to install than curtains. The price of curtains will depend on the materials and the number of windows you plan to cover.


In terms of safety, blinds are preferred over curtains in many instances. Compared to curtains, blinds have very few disadvantages. However, older blinds may have a cord and can pose a choking hazard, particularly for children. Curtains are also not a safe option for rooms where children or pets may get tangled with them. Moreover, curtains are more difficult to remove if children are present. They may also get peed on by pets. Besides, curtains don’t work well for rooms with high traffic, unless they are placed very close to the wall.

Another advantage of curtains is their durability. If you are worried about tripping hazards, you can choose a window coverings that’s made of real wood. Moreover, wood-look blinds are prone to water damage, mold, and odors. The best type of wood-like blinds are made of polycarbonate or metal, which have excellent impact resistance. In addition to this, polycarbonate is a natural UV filter and will prevent damage.


There are many benefits to both window coverings and blinds. Blinds are typically white, but you can find many different colors and styles as well. Curtains on the other hand, are available in hundreds of different colors and shapes. In addition, they are much easier to clean than most fabric options. They’re also more affordable than blinds, and can be made into any size you need. However, blinds are not as easy to clean as curtains.

Curtains are an excellent option for windows that receive a lot of light, but you’ll find that you need to avoid glare during the midday sun if you want to enjoy natural light. This is where window curtains come in handy. Installation is quick and easy – all you’ll need is a curtain rod and a drill. Some window treatments may even require hooks or curtains to hang.

Less expensive

If you have large windows in your home, you may want to invest in less expensive window curtains. Although window treatments can add to the overall beauty of a room, they can also make you squint at the midday sun. A simple DIY project, installing window curtains involves drilling a few holes and attaching the curtain rod to the window. Some window treatments require the use of hooks for hanging them from the rod, but you can find inexpensive window curtains that look just as good.

Buying curtains is not difficult, but it can be pricey. Fabrics vary in price, ranging from inexpensive cotton to expensive silk. Some curtains are made of heavy fabrics to block out light, while others are sheer or semi-sheer. Curtains are categorized based on their opacity and whether you want to diffuse bright light or block out street lights. There are solid, semi-sheer, and blackout styles. The most opaque ones will usually block out more light and heat than the others.

Easier to clean

You may be wondering how to clean window curtains. You can use a vacuum to clean them. First, remove them from the windows and lay them flat on the bed. Next, use a soft brush attachment to vacuum them. Another tip is to use a nylon stocking at the end of your hand-held nozzle when vacuuming drapes. This will prevent the fabric from getting stuck in the vacuum’s nozzle.

It’s important to clean window coverings often because they collect a lot of dust. If you want to extend the life of your window treatments, you’ll need to clean them at least twice a year. This will ensure they stay as clean as possible, and also improve the overall atmosphere of your home. Once you’ve cleaned them, consider investing in new ones. Either way, cleaning them regularly will save you time and money.

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