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Ideal Destinations in India for Holidaying

There are a lot of other beautiful places spread across the country that you must not miss out on. India is a tropical paradise, with warm and temperate weather all year round, living conditions are always pleasant. The country is also filled with a variable degree of change in terrain and climate, this makes for a place with varying weather conditions. There are cold climates in the northern and north-eastern mountainous regions, while the rest of the country has a fluctuating degree of warmth. This makes for many great vacation spots for different times during the year. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Shimla: The go-to destination when the summer season hits and the mercury rises. It is a hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is an idyllic place. Filled with lush mountains and great scenery, it is a must visit location for anyone who likes to immerse themselves in nature. despite the heights of the place, it is still accessible by air and is the most preferred option.
  • Darjeeling: This destination, located at the foothills of the Himalayas is one of the most frequented places by mountaineers and travellers. One can go for treks and climbing lessons and soak in the sights of the white Himalayan peaks. Local cuisine is also delightful and the Darjeeling tea is one of the most popular variants in the world. One can reach this place by train and by road.
  • Coorg: A very popular vacation spot in the state of Karnataka, it is known for its amazing coffee and the Buddhist temples in the region. A year-round drizzling and cold weather makes this the perfect retreat for tourists during the hot summer time. It is the place to go on a road trip and enjoy the scenery.
  • Pondicherry: This once French Territory is one of the most scenic places in the country. With cafes and beaches in almost every corner, the place is very reminiscent of a French town. One of the most dynamic places to visit is the city of Auroville, where the economies runs free of any money and people from around the world come and live there. One can cool off in the many beaches around the town and enjoy some great cuisine. There are many trains and buses that go to Pondicherry on a daily basis.
  • Goa: One of the most popular tourist spots in the world, this place is most visited by foreign tourists and one can easily find flights from anywhere in the country. Delhi Goa flights schedule is easy to obtain and book. It is filled with beaches and scenic forests and waterfalls. With a booming nightlife and culture, it is a place where people come to wind off and relax. It is popular during both the winter and summer seasons and the entire economy is very tourism based.

India is filled with many more obscure vacation spots and one can start packing their bags right away and check for listings and flight bookings. With internet booking being a very helpful tool, more and more people are venturing out and travelling to ease their mind of things.


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