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Concept of Image Analysis and its Importance to a Company

Companies in today’s economy need to produce not just a product but also an image. They need to convey something that will leave their customers feeling that they are lucky and deserving of the product they are selling. This can be achieved by using effective visual merchandising, advertising, and packaging. Unfortunately, companies often struggle in these areas due to budget issues or a lack of knowledge about utilizing these mediums effectively. This article discusses the concept of image analysis and its importance to a company.

Concept of Image Analysis

A company’s image, and more importantly, how customers perceive it, can be defined as the image that it projects. This image is influenced by advertising, packaging, and the product’s overall appearance. This image is not something that can be created or designed by the company. Rather, it is shaped by the company’s efforts to design and create its product from a visual standpoint. It is also shaped by how they present themselves to the consumer through advertising and marketing materials.

Benefits of Image Analysis to a Company

Selling a product or service does not depend on a company’s ability to create the ultimate product. Instead, it depends on the company’s ability to convey something about the product. Image can be conveyed through advertising and marketing methods, packaging, and the appearance of products themselves. Here are the key benefits to a brand.

1. Customer Involvement

It allows consumers to take part in the creation of products. This provides a consumer with a sense of ownership that can make them more loyal to the product. They feel that they have a hand in creating something which can boost their self-esteem. It also allows them to feel that they were involved in the product’s design process, which can affect their feelings towards the company.

2. Customer Satisfaction

It can make a company more aware of its customers’ needs and wants. When used properly, customers can feel that they are provided with a product that is suited to their needs and tastes. This means that they will feel satisfied after purchase, and they can become more choice of the company’s products in the future.

3. Revenue

It can make a brand seem more popular, leading to increased revenue. Advertising is an essential part of a promotion, but it is not the only way to make customers aware of your products. The image of the product is important as well. This is determined by the appearance of products and the company’s marketing materials and advertisements.

4. Reduced Costs

It can help to reduce costs for a company. When an image is considered, the company can create its products at a lower cost by reducing the total resources spent on design, production, and marketing processes. This also means that they will have greater control over these processes, which could save money as well.

5. Reduced Risk

It can help companies avoid the risks associated with ineffective advertising and marketing. More importantly, it can help them avoid the negative results of packaging and the appearance of products. When a company spends a period developing a product, it is important that the product is of high quality and that the company can guarantee its reputation for many years.

6. Increased Longevity

It can help a company predict its future sales and overall sales by considering trends in visual merchandising, packaging, advertising, and design. It can allow a company to have greater control over the manufacturing process, thus ensuring enough stock to last for an extended period.


Before applying this analysis to your company, you should determine the benefits and risks of the process. This will help you make a more informed decision regarding the use of image analysis as a strategy to improve your product.


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