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How to find the right product in our kitchen knife comparison

Whether you are passionate and ambitious, only cooking out of necessity or only occasionally – you will hardly be able to do without good kitchen knives. But what characterizes a good kitchen knife and do you absolutely need a whole set?

We have intensively informed ourselves in various kitchen knife tests on the Internet about which knives are available and what they are used for. Find sets and individual knives with the right properties in our comparison table.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our kitchen knife comparison is the most important in a nutshell

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  • In a kitchen knife set, there are usually large and small kitchen knives, which have both smooth and wavy or serrated blades. Pay attention not only to a sharp kitchen knife but also to wooden handles or plastic handles that fit well and securely in the hand.
  • In a kitchen knife block, knives of different sizes are stored compactly, so that you can pull the right vegetable knife, peeling knife, or steak knife from the knife block at any time when cooking. In many cases, kitchen knives can be sharpened with a knife sharpener if they eventually become dull.
  • Santoku knives, kitchen knives made of damask, or all-purpose kitchen knives from Solingen – without a little knife and material knowledge you can quickly lose track. Comfortable handles, a high sharpness of the blade, and easy-care properties for every kitchen knife are important.

If you like to eat well and cook yourself, you will not be able to cope with the preparations without high-quality knives. Most of us work with different kitchen knives, which are available as peeling or vegetable knives and meat or carving knives in different sizes.

We have researched in various kitchen knife tests on the Internet whether there are also all-rounders instead of whole sets. In our kitchen knife comparison 2022, we explain the differences between chef’s knives from tests on the Internet and go into more detail about the materials of handles and blades. In addition, we also explain different areas of application.

Pay attention to the blades when storing

Cutlery drawers are classically always prone to a certain disorder, which often damages the sharp blades. Magnetic strips and knife blocks, on the other hand, better protect the blades from cuts and damage.

What is a kitchen knife?

First of all, a kitchen knife from tests on the Internet is a knife that is used in the processing of food. Unlike outdoor knives or pocket knives, many knives are dishwasher safe or with sophisticated blades suitable for special tasks.

In our home kitchen, various, sharp knives are usually used when cooking, while the kitchen knife in Japan is often a fairly large all-rounder. The blade of the kitchen knives is sharp and can be smooth or with a serrated edge. Where our knife sets for the laid table reach their limits in the preparation of food, you could actually cut vegetables well with serrated steak knives from the table.

If you opt for a set of kitchen knives, it usually includes the following types of knives:

  • Peeling knives
  • Chef’s knife
  • Meat or carving knives
  • Utility knife

If you are already adept at handling food and have acquired various cutting techniques, then you can use a single kitchen knife for all work, as in Japan. But the average hobby chef usually copes with small peeling knives and peelers for vegetables, before herbs are chopped and ham is cut with large kitchen knives. Fine carving knives with curved blades or knives with serrated edges are often used for fish or soft foods.

High-quality kitchen knives are characterized by extremely sharp blades, which is why you should always work carefully. Dry your hands and fingers so that the handles are safe in the hand and the stainless blades only slide through food and not your skin.

The storage of large and small kitchen knives is done either in the cutlery drawer or in a kitchen knife block for installation. An alternative to this is a magnetic strip on the wall, where the knives obviously decorate the kitchen and are always at hand.

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