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How big is the storage space of the Mardingtop CK5962 motorcycle backpack and how is it divided?

The possible filling quantity of the Mardingtop is indicated with 35-40 liters. This can be extended with a so-called Molle system. These are other compatible pockets that can be additionally attached to the outside as required, e.B a bottled water bag. Customers notice positively that the backpack has many individual compartments on the outside and also on the hip belt. In addition, you can open it completely to the floor. This makes it possible to store things in a well-organized way and makes it easier to wear and remove larger garments.

Is the Dainese-D-MACH backpack 100% waterproof and windproof?

The D-MACH backpack from Dainese is suitable for motorcycle excursions, as the backpack is almost waterproof due to the streamlined hardshell exterior and, according to the manufacturer, does not deform when wind shears. A rain cover is included.

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How does the roll closure work on the büse motorcycle backpack?

The büse backpack has plastic strips at the top that are closed like a zipper. These are sewn into the backpack with waterproof seams or welded. Then roll the upper part of the backpack down about three times and attach it. So no water can get into the inner compartment.

Is the Dainese D-MACH motorcycle backpack waterproof?

The Dainese D-MACH motorcycle backpack is waterproof and has a removable rain cover.

What type of backpack is the Alpinestars City Hunter?

The Alpinestars City Hunter belongs to the category of softshell backpacks and is equipped with a separate laptop compartment.

Does the büse backpack have a back cushion?

The Büse backpack is equipped with a built-in comfort back pad and has a particularly high capacity.

Can the JFG RACING motorcycle backpack be used in the rain?

The motorcycle backpack is made of water-repellent nylon and can be used well in the rain.

Can a helmet be transported with the JDC 1232 motorcycle backpack?

In addition to the main compartment, the motorcycle backpack has another compartment in which a helmet can be safely stowed away.

What grades did the individual motorcycle backpacks receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal motorcycle backpack test winner from the following list:

First place – good: -D-MACH backpack by Dainese – exemplary internet price: 180 Euro

Second place – good: -D-MACH BACKPACK, Stealth by Dainese – exemplary Internet price: 172 Euro

Third place – good: – Motorcycle backpack from Bagtecs – exemplary internet price: 60 Euro

Fourth place – good: Triton from SW-Motech – exemplary Internet price: 71 Euro

Fifth place – good: Motorcycle backpack 1232 from JDC – exemplary Internet price: 45 Euro

Sixth place – good: Waterproof motorcycle backpack by Cucyma – exemplary Internet price: 175 Euro

Seventh place – good: Motorcycle backpack 40 l from RYITGO – exemplary Internet price: 39 Euro

Eighth place – good: OG Online&Go EZ-RiderPRO motorcycle backpack from OG Online & Go – exemplary internet price: 65 Euro

Ninth place – good: Mardingtop CK5962 from Mardingtop – exemplary Internet price: 51 Euro

Tenth place – good: motorcycle backpack from JFG Racing – exemplary internet price: 63 Euro

The list shows: Of the 14 different manufacturers, the motorcycle backpacks are divided into 4 “very good” motorcycle backpacks and 14 “good” motorcycle backpacks. The comparison winner -D-MACH backpack from Dainese received the best award among all grades in the ranking and costs only 179.95 euros at the same time.

The motorcycle backpack manufacturer OG Online & Go has the most motorcycle backpacks in the comparison table for the motorcycle backpack comparison with 3 products.

Which manufacturers did the editors compare and evaluate in the motorcycle backpack comparison?

In the motorcycle backpack comparison, we present you with 18 different products from 14 different manufacturers. Use our table to see which motorcycle backpack convinced the editors the most.

Within which, price category is the motorcycle backpacks from the motorcycle backpack comparison?

The motorcycle backpacks in the motorcycle backpack comparison can be classified into three different categories: From the most expensive product for 179.95 euros to the middle price range of 73.89 euros to the cheap product for 19.99 euros, we have selected various motorcycle backpacks for you.

Which motorcycle backpack received the best customer rating overall?

The Mardingtop CK5962 from Mardingtop was not only particularly positively noticed by our editors but was also rated above average by customers with 4.7.

How many motorcycle backpacks were rated “VERY GOOD”?

In the motorcycle backpack comparison, the following 4 motorcycle backpacks received the grade “VERY GOOD”: Motorcycle backpack from JDC, backpack from Toptrek, motorcycle original backpack foldable folding backpack yellow from BMW, and 908220 from Büse

What other items were customers who bought a motorcycle backpack looking for?

Our research has shown: Buyers who have put a motorcycle backpack in their shopping cart are usually also interested in similar products, such as motorcycle backpacks, motorcycle backpack waterproof, and backpack motorcycles.

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