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How to Choose a CPAP Machine?

Sleep apnea causes blockage in the upper airway during sleep, leading to fatigue, cardiological problems, hypertension, and severe health problems. Sleep apnea is treated through a continuous positive airway pressure machine(CPAP). The device works through air pressure delivery by a mask while asleep. 

The body has surplus oxygen to function due to airways. However, the masks on this machine are sometimes uncomfortable, making the device a big reason for lack of sleep. Choosing the right CPAP machine with many options is overwhelming if you are picky with sleeping positions. This article will guide you in selecting the machine that suits your specific needs.


Comfort is a consideration to getting good and enough sleep. All the features necessary should be a priority before purchasing a particular CPAP model for a sleep provider. CPAP users prefer a simple patient menu by pressing start and the medication commences. Additionally, the menu provides feedback on therapy daily and changes the comfort settings to suit your needs. 

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For instance, the ResMed Air Sense 10 CPAP machines have wireless connectivity to send the sleep data directly to the CPAP Club and the myAir app. In addition, the machine has a SmartStart feature that allows the device to start once you breathe into your mask. The new CPAP machines are easy to clean, re-fill, and have built-in humidification. In addition, there is consistent humidification all night with the AirSense 10 CPAP.

Prioritize fit

You should ensure that mask connects the CPAP machine you’re your airways. So, it would help if you understood that mask comes in different sizes, and the mask needs to fit appropriately to perform its job. For example, a large mask can leak around its side to your eyes, making the experience less comfortable.

Fixed vs. Auto Machines

CPAP machine has two types of device: fixed pressure and auto-adjusting machine. So, you need to know that either machine is better than the other. However, the appropriate kind of CPAP machine is determined by the sternness of your sleep disorder and preference for your comfort. Auto pressure CPAP machine automatically adjusts your machine’s pressure on a breath basis. 

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This enables a user with ideal pressure and comfort during the night. On the other hand, fixed pressure CPAP machines deliver the one constant pressure at night. So, you can choose either an automatic pressure machine or a fixed pressure machine based on your preference and comfort.


Portability and convenience are essential factors to consider when choosing a CPAP machine. For example, it would help if you thought of a CPAP machine that you can carry when traveling. However, you should consider the size and weight of the CPAP, the compatibility of the masks, the durability of the battery and ability to re-charge, and whether it can be set fixed or auto modes.

Explores Accessories

The CPAP machine usually comes with a mask, filters, tubing, and add-ons to make your machine more relaxed and stress-free. Sometimes, people may encounter challenges with the hose getting tangled up at night and choose to use a hose hanger to the headboard to keep the hose operating. The pads can soften the straps and moisten the hose to allow air to enter your nose. You should know that not all accessories will fit all CPAP machines and masks, so ensure you understand what works with your CPAP machine.

Research on Repair

When using the CPAP machine, it might often develop issues that may arise due to consistent use without cleaning it or lack of following the manufacturers’ instructions. For example, you should know and research where to turn for a fix as a user. Chidinma, MD, a medical director, states that replacing a malfunctioning machine is vital.

Insurance Cover

You need to know that most private health cover policies protect CPAP machines and other equipment such as masks, filters, headgear, and tubing. Your specific insurance plan determines the coverage level. For example, your cover plan may require you to buy or rest a CPAP machine. A high deductible cover plan requires paying more for your CPAP machine. In this scenario, you can consider a cheaper hiring option than buying. So, make sure to learn about the insurance option and the type of CPAP machine in stock.

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