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How Effective is Boxing As a Workout?

Are you interested in improving your fitness routine? Don’t know where to start?

If you are not a fitness freak then you can join Cavalry Fitness Club otherwise you can definitely consider boxing! Boxing is more than just a sport that involves swiping a few punches here and there. In the same way as cycling and swimming, it can also be implemented into your daily routine as a workout. Many celebrities even use boxing to stay fit and recommend it to everyone they know! After hearing all of this, you might have one specific question in mind: how effective is it?

Boxing offers several health benefits that will boost your physical and mental well-being. There are also several studies that have shared the various health improvements found in people joining boxing training programs. As long as you keep practicing and stay consistent, you will be pleased with the results and might find yourself liking it more than you anticipated.

Here are some advantages that boxing has to offer:

Improves Heart Health

If you want to stay in good shape, you need to focus on your heart health – and boxing helps you do just that! In case you didn’t already know, boxing is a type of High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT). This means that it pushes your body to repeatedly sustain bouts of activity. One of the great things about doing HITT workouts is that it helps decrease the risk of heart disease. Boxing can also improve your aerobic fitness, which increases the body’s heart rate and use of oxygen, preventing heart disease and strokes!

Aids Weight Loss

Exercising is an effective method for helping you feel more confident about yourself! Many people start working out to lose weight and boost their self-esteem. High-intensity boxing training is excellent for decreasing body fat and improving your overall body composition. For those who are struggling with working out, exergaming is an effective option that is definitely worth considering. In case you didn’t already know, exergaming involves simulated boxing that is performed by using a gaming system. It effectively burns calories in the same way as regular boxing, just without the boxing gloves.

Boosts Whole-Body Strength

On the surface, boxing might seem like a sport that mainly involves throwing punches, leading people to believe that most of the power comes straight from the shoulder; when in fact, boxing engages the entire body. While throwing a good punch, the lower limbs will first push against the ground. The rest of the body will move in tandem before delivering the strike. For this reason, the lower limbs and the core muscles play an essential role when boxing. Boxing also involves many head movements and footwork drills, and defensive techniques, including bobbing and weaving. This helps boost the entire body’s strength, improving your overall physical health in the process.

Improves Balance

Have you always wanted to improve your hand-eye coordination? Boxing is more than just a movement-intensive activity but also involves coordinated footwork. This teaches you to develop reactive movement strategies that can make you feel more alert and attentive, improving your balance skills in the long run. You might find yourself having better coordination when conducting tasks, like picking up a pencil.

Being able to stand while boxing also indicates that you have better balance. This is because boxing requires you to change your position while challenging your balance at the same time. With more practice, you can improve your balance reaction and even go as far as to protect yourself from a crack in the sidewalk because of your improved strength and reaction time.

Additionally, boxing has been used to help treat Parkinson’s disease. The neurological disease affects the body’s ability to perform complex movements and increases the risk of falling. However, studies have found boxing to help people who are dealing with these issues.

Decreases Stress

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health! When working out, you might notice that you started off feeling very anxious, but at the end of the session, you feel relatively relaxed and calm. This is because physical activity helps decrease stress, and the case is no different for boxing. When you release your stress by hitting a punching bag, you can instantly feel all of the load on your shoulders being lifted. Since most boxing training programs follow a HITT protocol, it creates a cathartic effect that can help release endorphins, leaving you with a better state of mind than when you initially started. Many researchers believe those who regularly practice boxing have experienced elevated mood levels.

Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can cause several serious heart-related health risks down the road. In order to avoid dealing with heart attacks or strokes, it’s necessary to follow your doctor’s instructions while also moving your body and following exercises that lower blood pressure. Along with improving heart health, boxing also lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, which helps decrease stress on the blood vessels. One study found a significant improvement in blood pressure when comparing the results of a HIIT boxing program to a moderate-intensity cardiovascular training program.

There’s no denying that boxing is an effective form of exercise that can help improve your health in many ways! Even so, it’s definitely not recommended for everyone. This is especially the case for those who have specific health issues, like osteoporosis or osteoarthritis of the hands. Similar to any other aerobic exercise, you need to check with your physician before starting. After getting approval, you should definitely give boxing a try!

There are many gyms or community centres that teach boxing training classes. Find one that is located near you and try taking classes at your own pace. You can start with a manageable level of intensity before working your way up and sticking with what you feel most comfortable with. In order to avoid any severe injuries, you should wrap your hands and invest in a pair of good-quality boxing gloves. Lastly, don’t forget to stay consistent and have fun!

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