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Moving to Pennsylvania: All the Basics You Should Know

Pennsylvania is one of the states that goes by several names… these include the oil state, the coal state, the keystone state, the Quaker state, and more. If you are already packed and ready to move to Penn, rest easy, it is a great city to live in with amazing amenities including some great Cox internet cable deals, and affordable living.

The unemployment rate in Penn is 4.8 percent. This is slightly higher than the national average. The minimum wage here is $7.25 per hour. When it comes to job opportunities, Pennsylvania has a great market outlet for occupations such as nurse practitioner, occupational therapist, home health aid, web developers, therapists, and more. The highest-grossing positions include surgeon, anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist, psychiatrist, and OB/GYN.

The Pros and Cons of Moving to Pennsylvania

There are some great things about living in Penn and then, there are some not-so-great things. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons

The Pros 

It has a low cost of living and a very low income tax. When compared to its close neighbor, New York City, Pennsylvania rent rates are around half as much as New York City’s, while real estate prices are about 70% less. That’s a significant difference.

The fact that Pennsylvania is so close to New York City is something that many people appreciate. They enjoy being able to drive to New York City and spend a night or weekend experiencing the city without having to deal with the annoyances that come with big cities, such as high pricing, insane traffic, and congestion.

The Cons 

The weather in Pennsylvania may be fickle. The state had a string of 70-degree days just one week before “Stella,” the winter storm that swept across Pennsylvania.

Therefore, you may need to bring both a pair of shorts and a full-fledged winter jumpsuit. If you’re relocating to Pennsylvania, you should expect snow.

Best Place to Live In Pennsylvania

Are you sold when it comes to moving to Penn? If so, your next question would be where to move? It should be a tie between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Pittsburgh has a lot to offer in terms of opportunities, but it also has a fantastic quality of life. CNN ranked it as the 30th most livable city in the world and the second most livable city in the United States.  Squirrel Hill, Bloomfield, and East Liberty are all diverse neighborhoods to move to and they have something for everyone. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a single young professional, a foodie, or a couple trying to start a family, Pittsburgh is a nice place to move to.

The next best place to be in Philly. It is the sixth-largest city in the United States. The cost of living here is higher but if you are able to find a good job, you can totally afford Philly.

Cost of Living

One of the most important factors to consider before relocating to Pennsylvania is the cost of living. Pennsylvania’s cost of living is 92.5 points lower than the national average. The average in the United States is 100. This suggests that living in Pennsylvania is less expensive. might get Chromebooks at low prices.

Because of the state’s low housing expenses, more than 70% of Pennsylvania citizens are homeowners. If you’re relocating to Pennsylvania, you might want to consider purchasing a home, maybe not right away, but once you find a stable job and get settled.

Low Crime Rate

If you live in Pennsylvania, you have a very slim probability of becoming a victim of crime. The state’s crime rates remain lower than the national average, with the safest cities reporting fewer than five incidents per 1,000 residents on average. According to many recent studies, Pennsylvania has cities with zero violent crimes. The state’s property crime rate is 33 percent lower than the national average.


When it comes to people, you will meet all sorts of people in Penn. It is home to the largest Amish population. It feels like you are a part of a big town. The state is known as t’s slogan is Pursue Your Happiness. If that is why you are moving here, then you have made the right call! Moving to Pennsylvania can be the best decision of your life provided that you do all the research and choose the right place to stay.

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